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“U-S-A … U-S-A …”

One of my favourite sayings that I like using out of context is “When in Rome …”.  I only think I know what this means.  I do know that when I am visiting the North American country below Canada I drink American wines almost exclusively.

If you haven’t had a Zinfandel recently [like since when you stole a sip of your Grandmother’s pink Zin back in the early 70’s] then you should get out and try one.  The one below is 44% Zinfandel, 39% Shiraz, 9% Petite Syrah [another of my favourite American grape varietals], and 8% CabSav.


Vigilance Winery “2011 Cimarron”

If you are in Ontario – go to the LCBO and try the Sledgehammer or Cline Zinfandels this holiday season – you know, in the spirit of Canadian / American brotherly love.

I’m no lawyer but …

This past week a man from California, Rudy Kurniawan, was convicted of selling fake rare wines [we’re talking millions of dollars] and convicted by a US federal jury. He may get 40 years in prison – which he can, in part, thank himself for.

However, I think his money was wasted on his lawyer. “He just wants to be accepted” was the final defence to the jury. That’s all you got? In front of a Federal jury?

Also, the accused must take some of the blame in this case. A courtroom reporter notes, “He stood in front of the jury in an ill-fitted grey suit“.  What the heck is he thinking?  His future is on the line and he wears one of his ill-fitted suits.  Rudy! You own a Lamborghini and a collection of absurdly expensive watches. It would kill you to get to a tailor?

The story is here in the Wine Spectator.


Even the artist’s rendition clearly shows an ill-fitted suit

Aw Shucks

How often have you used the words “Shucks” or “Shucking” in conversation this month?

You will if you get to the Woolwich Arms on a Friday night in December. It’s one of the first miracles of Christmas. My shucking man will stand there and keep shucking a dozen Malpeques as long as you keep handing him a $10 bill – or until he runs out.

How good are they? “They taste like another dozen” [R.I.]

Also, a year ago I started a tradition of slipping the first oyster into the bottom of my stout.  The salty protein marinates nicely until it is his turn to go down.

Yep, I’ve been there both Fridays already this month.

So slip over the to Wooly and slip an oyster into your stout this Friday – you won’t be sorry.


A finished Oyster is a beautiful thing

Get your winter beard on

Men. Thinking that it’s time to get your Winterbeard on? This man stopped thinking a long time ago.

Ladies. Have you been thinking that your man should grow a Winterbeard?  Of course you have.

Men. Are you thinking about the best beer of your life? Muskoka Brewery’s Winterbeard?  A double chocolate cranberry stout –  made with roasted dark chocolate malts, real cocoa,  70%  chocolate, and freshly harvested cranberries – you bet this stout is good. And  just in time for manly beard season.  Manly yes, but she’ll like it too.


Thanks to international story-teller and local brother-in-law Brad for the inspiration [for this blog post not for Muskoka Brewery – however, I’m sure they agree that your beard is inspiring to us all].20131209-190939.jpg

Too much time on my hands

Lyrics from the 80’s.  My 16 yr old nephew [nephew-in-Spain] was recently exposed to “Come Sail Away” by Styx for the first time.  I have a photo of the priceless, puzzled look on his face. “What in the heck in the what?”, is his expression. He’s right. Still, I wish I had a dollar for every time “I thought that they were Angels, but to my surprise, we loaded up the starship and headed for the skies” [2:48 and again at 3:32 in the video if you clicked on the link].

Watch out for the segue, here it comes – I think the guys at Wellington Brewery [right here in Guelph] have too much time on their hands [see what I did there?]. They have been releasing Welly one-offs at an alarming rate.  Alarming because I haven’t made it to their brewery every weekend to buy the newest brew.

Looks like my Saturdays are booked for the month.


You can’t believe how hard I tried to make a River Styx comment – like “Wellington Brewery, where the beer flows like the river Styx” – none of them worked.