I’m no lawyer but …

This past week a man from California, Rudy Kurniawan, was convicted of selling fake rare wines [we’re talking millions of dollars] and convicted by a US federal jury. He may get 40 years in prison – which he can, in part, thank himself for.

However, I think his money was wasted on his lawyer. “He just wants to be accepted” was the final defence to the jury. That’s all you got? In front of a Federal jury?

Also, the accused must take some of the blame in this case. A courtroom reporter notes, “He stood in front of the jury in an ill-fitted grey suit“.  What the heck is he thinking?  His future is on the line and he wears one of his ill-fitted suits.  Rudy! You own a Lamborghini and a collection of absurdly expensive watches. It would kill you to get to a tailor?

The story is here in the Wine Spectator.


Even the artist’s rendition clearly shows an ill-fitted suit


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