In the Spirit of things

Sometimes I get in the spirit of sophistication and order a martini.  There are many great quotes about the Martini.  Gin or Vodka is a question for another time.

“A man must defend his home, his wife, his children, and his martini.”
Jackie Gleason

“He knows just how I like my martini – full of alcohol.”
Homer Simpson

”I had never tasted anything so cool and clean.” “They made me feel civilized.”
Ernest Hemingway novel Farewell to Arms.

“I never go jogging, it makes me spill my martini.”
George Burns

With this in mind I visited Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers in Beamsville, ON.  I had already purchased the White Rye from the LCBO but wanted to have a go at the Gin and the Eau de Vie. The Gin is a botanical lovers dream – delicate enough that I think the gin martini made with it should be straight. That’s so dry that you aren’t even allowed to think the word Vermouth while pouring it.  The people at Dillon’s also have a little bit of fun on their website – PulltheCork approved fun! In their Spirit descriptors they mention Papa Hemingway, Khan [the Mongolian ruler not the Star Trek guy], Smith and Wesson, and generally entertain throughout. Their collection of bitters would make any mixologist giggle like a school girl – well maybe only if they liked making cocktails – but you get the point.

If you are driving down the QEW past Beamsville stop in and have a look – their tasting room is simply stunning. Otherwise stop in at the LCBO – the Gin is dang good.




LCBO 358556 | 750 mL bottle Price $ 39.95 

LCBO 337600 | 750 mL bottle Price $ 37.95 


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4 responses to “In the Spirit of things

  • Jason

    Thanks for the tip! I live east of TO so we do have some great micro brews and PEC wines….but no distilleries like you’ve mentioned.

    Being a huge gin martini fan (straight up, dry with 2 olives….dirty if it’s my 2nd) thanks for telling me of a local place. I’m usually a fan of Bombay or Sipsmith, which are distinctively different I know…I like to change things up….but I’m going to hunt down your suggestion here in Durham region.

    Here’s to keeping our spirits up on these cool spring days!

    Take care,


  • Travis Oke

    Jason – you should be able to find the Gin – unfiltered 22 – at an LCBO near you. You won’t be disappointed

  • John Matthews (@linktrap)

    Did you already review the Rye? I really don’t like Gin!

  • Travis Oke

    I like the Rye – sometimes it seems a little “hot” and alcohol vapoury but after a couple of glasses it tastes better – KIDDING – i like it straight with one small ice cube in it.
    Buy a half bottle if you can – just in case I like it more than you do

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