Healthiest Diet Ever

I think I can safely say – with science backing me up – that I have discovered the best diet ever.  Better than South Beach, The Zone, and Ms. Craig put together.

The diet is a two part diet.

Part 1 – Red Wine. Let’s look at the facts

The Guelph Mercury [a consistently reliable source] published an article just last week about the health effects of Red Wine entitled  “Wine could be good for your kidneys, study suggests.” Which is excellent news, since I have two kidneys just craving a Spanish red wine tonight.

Part 2 – Chocolate.

Recently my daughter took a photo of TCHO chocolate at downtown Guelph’s fine food store Ouderkirk & Taylor. I tweeted it. We won a National contest. Next thing I know a small crate of chocolate appeared at our front door.  Well done my child.   How is it healthy for you?  See for yourself. Chocolate “vitamins” look good to me. Also, I’m a sucker for brilliant marketing.


You can follow my lecture on the Red Wine study here

wine blog talk


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