Craft beer breweries are taking the level of marketing to a new level. A clever hashtag seems to be born every minute [#wellyoneoff my current favourite].  New flavours and names are pushing the craft beer envelope [Muskoka’s Legendary Oddity reminds me of premium gin and what the heck is that falcon/peacock/scary antler deer thingy on the label?].

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.  is speaking Canada’s true love language – hockey – through their NHL Alumni Signature Series. Last year they released China Wall Vienna Dark Lager, a beer dedicated to the Leafs’ legendary  goaltender Johnny Bower.  This year’s edition is Cujo Imperial Golden Ale. If I have to explain who Cujo is then you likely aren’t interesting in this blog post anymore.


LCBO 383653 | Price $ 11.95 

Only 16,000 bottles have been produced – I have one of them – and I know what my annoying Leafs fan brother-in-law is getting for his birthday [he’s only annoying because he’s a ridiculously optimistic Leafs fan – the only thing worse than an arrogant Habs fan – which I’m]. The Cujo is delicious. It starts off with sweet notes of caramel and honey, continues with some nice orange and grapefruit marmalade hops, and ends up with a nice dry finish. Very refreshing and not so hoppy that it blows your head off.  My brother-in-law and I found ourselves conversing back and forth between hockey and beer for the entire sitting.  And isn’t that what a great Canadian ale is meant to do.

Now Habs fans, don’t worry,  rumour has it that Jacques Plante gets honoured next with  Jake The Snake Imperial Pilsner, a white ash wood aged strong lager. Go Habs.


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