World Cup Observations

Day 1 – I couldn’t be happier knowing that there is a month of the beautiful game to watch.  Here is what I have observed from the opening match Brasil vs. Croatia.

  1. FRED is my favourite name for a footballer Fred
  2. HULK is actually an enormous man. His shoulders and pects alone probably need 10,000 calories each day hulk
  3. David Luiz looks like Sideshow Bobluiz
  4. It appears that Gene Hackman is coaching Brasil this yearscolari
  5. The vowel to consonant ratio in Croatian names is ridiculously low [Vrsaljko – time to  buy another vowel please]
  6. Daniel Craig has given up on James Bond and is now a midfielder for the Croatian soccer team under the pseudonym Ivica OlićOlic
  7. My skills are wasted as a wine blogger – soccer analyst is clearly my calling

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