Pastafarian Lunacy and the NHL

I’ve had it with parody today and I’ve only been subjected to it once. You’ve seen the CTV newsclip about the guy from Vancouver who wants to wear a white pasta strainer on his head for his driver’s license photo? He claims his religious right as a Pastafarian – seriously, look it up.  As I understand it, Pastafarianism was created by atheists looking to get their own “religious rights” [now that’s actually a pretty good irony I think] so that the pastafarian may wear a pasta strainer on his head whenever he feels the pasta-god, or whatever those people are talking about, wants him too.

That’s whatever you were talking about. I’ve never heard such a shocking and brutal injustice I’ve cared so little about.

Time to get grounded back to earth and read and write about things that matter. Things like the Montreal Canadiens playing the Toronto Maple Leaves to open the books on the NHL season.

For my part a nice Cava from Friexenet Brut – the black bottle – celebrates the game nicely.  In Spain the locals consider this “Las cosas buenas” [the good stuff].  I also hear that it keeps the Pastafarians away. Come to think about it some of les Canadiens helmets look like pasta strainers.


Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava



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2 responses to “Pastafarian Lunacy and the NHL

  • brokenleg2013

    Makes as much sense as any other religion. I did not read that he was an Atheist. NOW hockey as a religion…there you have it. Mindless followers lined up to worship their particular brand of god in the hopes they will be resurrected in Stanley Cup glory. Hockey (like most sports) is a pastime for billionaire owners and millionaire players who preach their particular band of gospel to the masses. The devout will go to no end to show their fervor and when they loose / win, it is an excuse to rampage and destroy. You think not? They all speak of “the glory of the game”. Now if this is not a religion like any other……

    • Travis Oke

      “Hockey is the opium of the people” Karl Marx [paraphrased and translated from the original German]

      Also, I think my religion makes good sense

      Hope your leg gets better soon

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