Survival Pack

Camping is not really a family activity for my family.  I’m often reminded that my wife’s idea of camping is a nice Bed and Breakfast, but truthfully she prefers a 4-star hotel when camping.

So when my daughter M and I decided to plant our micro-farm this long weekend [really it’s just a tiny garden] i thought that since we were going to be outdoors all day a survival pack might be helpful.  Truthfully i’m a lot more “outdoorsy” than i’m letting on but let me run with this okay.

The Muskoka Brewery survival pack comes with 8 cans of four different Muskoka summer products – the dry hopped Detour IPA, Summerweiss – a sessionable wheat beer, Cream Ale – their signature ale, and Craft Lager – quaffable with a surprisingly flavourful finish.


See how they fit in so well with my suburban wilderness [I know, they’re seedlings on a table in my backyard].

So some gardening, sorry microfarming, with my daughter, some drinking of the survival beers, and a couple hours in the sun later we were both hydrated [at least], satisfied because our hands were dirty, and feeling pretty smug [we both do that well] about the entire thing.

IMG_0463The Muskoka Survival pack is available at the LCBO and the Beer Store starting this weekend.

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One response to “Survival Pack

  • JonnJill Luesink

    Hi Travis, this makes me thirsty thinking about what survival pack I should get for my upcoming weekend… Although I think I could get a 24-crate for the price of an 8 pack of craft beer at LCBO.

    Did Kenn mention that I managed to squeeze into my luggage two bottles of Pilsner Urquell for you guys to enjoy on a hot day in Spain this summer?

    Apparently there was a recent heat wave, or an exceptional micro-farming incident where he had to drink his and he doesn’t recollect what might have happened to yours.

    So, you can either hop over to Prague for a quick side trip and that will give me the excuse to show you the cellars of Pilsner Urquell’s brewery in Plzeň (where you can drink unfiltered straight from the wooden casks from 1 litre mugs), or I can drop in a few of your requested craft beers from Czech lands in my suitcase for my annual trip to Malaga next spring (in case you want a beer to match the wine of southern Spain). There is a remarkable monastery up above Prague Castle that makes a special brew each according to the season, for about $2 a half litre :).

    Cheers from Prague, J

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