Ice to see you

In one of my favourite Simpsons opening scenes ever McBain appears from within an ice sculpture Venus de Milo and  … well take a look for yourself

It was with this in mind that i brought an ice wine up from the cellar to celebrate the end of summer.  Interestingly nobody was very interested [how paradoxical] in the ice wine.  They’re a picky crowd.  In the past i’ve heard things from these relatives like “i don’t really like white” and “i don’t really like sweet wine” and “shut up Travis” [actually that’s what i hear most from them].  So i thought maybe they needed some learning.

This Peller Estates Vidal Icewine was a gift from a friend, something i wouldn’t normally buy for myself – but i may have to change that in the future. It was a beautiful ending to the day and to the summer.  For those who don’t know, icewine grapes are picked at -10 degrees and then pressed while frozen. This allows only small quantities of Bacchus’ sweet nectar to be extracted. The wine exhibits light floral and peach notes and finishes with a taste of honey suckle. It was delicate and exquisite.  Award winning in fact.

Gold Medal – Korea Wine Challenge 2012

Gold MedalDecanter World Wine Awards, UK 2012

Gold Medal – Wine China Competition 2012 

Peller Estates Private Reserve Vidal Icewine VINTAGES#: 18564   |   200 mL bottle  $26.95

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3 responses to “Ice to see you

  • roger

    Thanks for this Trav. I like what you said about these people who say things like “I don’t like white” or “I prefer red to white” What does that mean? To me that’s like saying “I prefer coffee to wine” What? There’s a time for red and there’s a time for chilled white. I’m sorry. While I would choose red over white, if I was forced to pick one drink for the rest of my life, and probably perrier after that, because contrary to some of your blogs, we DO have to hydrate, but white would be a “slow thoid” for sure because there are times…
    Now, I recieved three days ago, an email from, some stupid thing I signed up for, an article called Discover Sauvignon Blanc, which partially explains something I asked you about a while ago and didn’t really get a good answer – what is with Sauvignon Blancs from Marlborough??? I’ll forward it to you right now. Interesting about the mineral that is in green peppers….

  • John Matthews (@linktrap)

    Ice wines rock! Like curling. We had an accidental ice wine happen at SummerGate Winery. It had to be called a Special Late Harvest – but it was picked on the two nights (here in BC), in NOV, when it just happened to be -21C! So many awesome Ontario ice wines – but plenty of competition from here in BC!

  • Ashley

    Hey M’s dad!
    If you want to try a stellar ice wine next time your anywhere near beamsville stop at Tawse. They make a cab franc number that would knock your socks off.

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