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Wine & Donuts

My wife knows stuff about wine – mostly how to drink it.  She doesn’t normally purchase wine, instead entrusting me with that task and then letting me know if she likes it or not.  Between you and me [and i guess her, since she will probably eventually read this] she likes more than she doesn’t.

So this week, while on vacation without me in Florida, she was forced to take matters into her own hands and pair wine with food. The food? The finest donut in ‘Merica that isn’t made by Krispy Kreme – Entenmann’s.  This is what she came up with.


Oh, i just started salivating. I am very impressed with her pairing – American Cab Sav with Entenmann’s chocolate covered cake donut. It’s so affirming that after 22 years of marriage she can instinctively pair these classic ‘Merican foods. Don’t tell me our friends south of the 49th parallel don’t understand food.


The folks at Bogle [also the name of a fascinating family favourite word game – alliteration acknowledged] make a fine cabernet sauvignon.

So find your favourite Cabernet and your favourite donut [somebody please use a boston cream] and let me know how it goes.




Who’s more elusive in your opinion – The Polka Dot Door’s Polkaroo, Sesame Street’s Snuffleupagus, or Baroness Orczy’s Scarlett Pimpernel?  Or as i like to swear-quote in my house “that damned elusive Pimpernel”.  Yes, I know, this started off all cute and kid friendly and has gone south fast.

What is elusive is the best whisky in the world – despite it being from Canada – where i’m.

If you haven’t heard … the Whisky of the Year, as declared by whisky connoisseur Jim Murray, author of the Whisky Bible [no relation to the real bible]  is Crown Royal Northern Harvest which retails at $33 at the LCBO.


Good news! We won an international contest.  Bad news! Due to it’s international demand it’s proved itself to be “damned” elusive.  Or in the words of the Baroness, “They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies [and Anglos and everyone else] seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? Or is he in hell ?[sorry again for the quotefanitiy] That damned elusive (Northern Harvest)“.

There’s a happy ending. My daughter M came through for me and found me two bottles in a remote northern outpost called Barrie, Ontario.

I’d go into the tasting notes but honestly i’m just too pleased to have found something so elusive – and by me i mean someone else.

*most joke swears ever in the history of this blog – sorry to the offended – but they made me giggle – that is all.