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Cider, The Final Frontier

Gene Roddenberry – you were a clever man.   “Space.  The final frontier” indeed.  Matt Sulker – you’re an equally clever man.

In a wine blog that covers everything from home-made gin, to craft beer, to even occasionally writing about wine, i think i may have found my final frontier. It’s either Sours or Cider – but for today it’s cider.  Craft cider has taken a meteoric rise [see what i did there trekkies?] in popularity.  The Only, one of my favourite pubs on the Danforth, recently devoted about one-fifth of their taps to ciders. Cider flavoured with cherries, dry ciders, and even a sour cider [cleverly combining my two final frontiers].

Here’s where my man Matt comes into the picture.  A clever home brewer who spends his commuting time coming up with combinations such as a coconut, lemongrass Kölsch, has devoted a significant portion of his spare time creating ciders. Sulker Ciders will almost certainly have a tap in a bar near you soon if my ability to predict the future is as good as i think it is.

This Super-Dry cider that i sampled was made with 100 % Ontario apples [mathematically the most possible] and London Ale yeast. Unlike the big commercial ciders there is no sugar added post-fermentation.  It was dry and crisp with nice subtle yeast flavours.  He served them to me in his “made for cider” glasses, which are made for drinking at warp speed.  Not really, they’re made to enhance the bouquet and stuff … and junk. Delicious.


Social Lite

I love the format dictionaries use for pronunciation. Like “Skeptical [skep-ti-kuh l]- inclined to scepticism; having an attitude of doubt.”  skep-ti-kuh l.  Amusing.

This past week i was contacted by a small company that makes premium vodka soda. SoCIAL LITE.  I admit that my first thought was “I don’t want to drink Fresca and vodka”.  However, i am willing to be wrong about stuff.  Also, their story is a good one. The drink was developed while entertaining friends in their kitchen.   While i like soda and i like vodka, what I don’t like is sweet “made for frosh events” drinks.  I was skep-ti-kuh l.

There are two flavours of SoCIAL LITE vodka, Lime-Ginger and  Lemon-Cucumber-Mint.  I was a little ascared, as it poured like Fresca [i don’t know why i keep saying that because i actually like Fresca], but it was delicious, refreshing, not sweet at all, and subtle in it’s flavours. It is a perfect drink for an afternoon on the patio. The Lime-Ginger is available at the LCBO at $10 for four 355 mL cans [kans].


Water Research

Each year i feel it’s my responsibility to ask the difficult questions about water. Mostly questions that lead me to my preformed conclusion that we should be drinking rosé instead.

This is what i found this year about water – and it’s alarming.

  1. The rule of drinking 8 glasses of water a day is based on the fact that people already drink that much water. So it’s an urban myth that we should be doing it. I don’t know about you but I feel strongly that “urban” myths are the scariest of all myths  – including creation and trickster myths.
  2. If you’re not already scared then google the words “renal excretory capacity”.  That’s something i do not want to either increase or exceed. Tell me brother-in-Spain that’s not as scary as an urban myth!
  3. I read this quote on the internet about people who drink lots of water, “However, the group of patients with the highest urine output also had the lowest serum sodium, suggesting that, in fact, they were driving the high urine output with a high fluid intake.” You okay with that? Too soon? Too scary?

So here are my reckless suggestions. Drink rosé this summer. Chill it well, pick nice stemware, and substitute a crisp white wine if you don’t have emergency bottles of rosé on hand [for those who care, i just learned about the Oxford comma this week and used it correctly].


Muga Rosé – Spain $13.95


Marques de Riscal – Spain $12.70