Is Wine Serious or Fun?

Is wine serious or fun?  That depends on how you answer the next question – Is life serious or fun?  My Dad said about my childhood that if you threw me into a pile of manure I would look around for a toy or figure out  a game to play in it. My life is fun and that’s how I look at wine. FYI – I never did get tossed into a manure pile.

[Third person paragraph] Travis Oke lives in Guelph, Ontario – that’s in Canada for all my foreign readers – which means that he is subject to the wine choosing of the LCBO (Liquor Control Board Ontario).  Fortunately they do a great job finding wine throughout the world and he and his wife  do a great job drinking them.

I have selected the wines and wrote for the Red Brick Cafe’s wine tastings. Great cafe in dowtown Guelph. I am available for guided wine tastings at parties, corporate events, halftime shows etc. I been reviewing restaurants for the Guelph Mercury and KW Record over the past three years.

I especially enjoy Ontario Riesling and Cabernet Franc, Spanish Rioja, Australian Shiraz, and the Southern Rhone wines.  Gewurztraminer is my favorite wine word to pronounce.

I have a few “foreign correspondents” who keep me up to date on wines in France, Spain, Italy, Western Australia, and the USA.  I have even more “local correspondents” who bring wine to my house to drink.

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