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Vintages November 21

I love getting the Vintages catalogue in the mail. Each time it arrives at my house I run upstairs with a blue Sharpie and circle the wines on my wish list. Then I pretend that I have $200 to spend on my wish list.  It’s  like when you dream about what you would do if you ever won the lottery, although I guess on a much smaller scale.  I never spend this kind of money on wine but it’s fun to dream.   A bigger wine budget?  Happy thought indeed.

 Here we go …

Either Cristal Brut Champagne 2002 Vintages 268755 $287 or  Opus One 2005 Vintages 026310 $299

Budget blown and I only have one bottle of wine! That’s a problem.

Okay Vintages, you are priced right out of this world on this release.  You do this every year before Christmas.  I guess the thinking is that since we are all going crazy spending money like crazy that you might as well bring in these crazy expensive wines.

So if I don’t buy the Cristal or Opus then here’s what I would do with $200.

1. Burgundy – Chablis Domaine Bernard Defaix Vintages 950667. Two bottles = $60 (white wine) I love a Premier Cru Chablis, it’s my favorite white wine

2. Loire – Domaine Bellevue Sauvignon Touraine 2008 Vintages 082305. Two bottles = $30 (white wine) A flinty Sauvignon from the Loire makes me pine for raw Oysters

3. Spain – Muga Reserva 2005 Vintages 177345. Two bottles = $50 Anyone may know of my love for Spanish Rioja – as my brother Kenn says “It tastes like a dry, hot summer”

4. Australia – Grant Burge The Holy Trinity Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre 2004 Vintages 726802. Two bottles = $60 It makes me so happy when the Aussies make a Rhone blend – a perfect marriage

I think this is $200 well spent.