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Uncle Albert’s detour

Few things give me greater pleasure than mentioning Albert Einstein in my blog. Here goes …


Hey Uncle Albert – fish are stupid!


This got me to thinking about stupid beer.  If you are going to spend your whole life drinking cheap beer then you will live your whole life believing that it is good – and that you are a genius.  If, however, you want to really be a genius then you have to try new stuff – like Muskoka Brewery’s Detour IPA. This weekend I had it on tap at Baker Street Station in Guelph and found it again in a 6-pack at the LCBO.

I think “Stop drinking stupid beer” should be on the front of the Detour IPA t-shirt.  This is a big hop ale with a clean finish that is the perfect detour from winter beer drinking to clean, genius, spring beer drinking.  I think Uncle Albert would approve.


And I want a kick back on the “Stop drinking stupid beer” t-shirt sales.

Albert Einstein & Speedy Gonzales

I should let you know right now that this blog post has absolutely nothing to do about wine. That should make brother-in-Spain happy. This is a behind the scenes look at my wine blog – because as usual something else has distracted me from writing about wine.

Internet search engine statistics are a fascinating thing.  Just this past week 14 people in Egypt had nothing better to do but look at my wine blog.  Are they even paying attention to what’s happening outside their own homes?

Also, over the past year the top 3 search words that get people to my blog are …

1. Albert Einstein

2. Gooseberries

3. Speedy Gonzales.

It’s true.

I’m thinking of printing off bumper stickers. “Einstein and Speedy Gonzales love gooseberries” – that should drive traffic to my site.

Speaking of traffic – here are my stats as of this week.  It’s 90 thousand people more than I thought would ever read something I wrote.

LCBO Quick Pick list

If you are going to the LCBO – or “the Happy Store” as my friend DaniBP calls it – and you want to know what the wine blogger (me) is buying these days then I have something for you.

At the right of this blog page – just under the shameless self-promoting image of my face – is a link to the LCBO Quick Pick list category of my blog entries.  A click and a scroll down this category will give you some good ideas.  But don’t get used to it.  My brother-in-Spain doesn’t read this blog for the wine recommendations – in fact he gets mad at me for suggesting wines and not writing foolishness.

So this is for you Guitar Glen,  Rugby guy, and anyone else who doesn’t have the patience to read through my thoughts on Albert Einstein, J.Crew, gooseberries, and the dreamy David Beckham looking for  wine notes.

Back to the photo of me – isn’t shameless self-promoting what the word blog means?

Albert “Gooseberry” Einstein and J. Crew


"Search me"

I have been doing some blog analysis recently and  I found that often people  get to my blog by Google searching the words “Einstein” and “Gooseberry”.  Interesting that people ever search for the word gooseberry. That I can’t explain. Maybe I should start using those words more in casual blogversation.


My other observation concerns fashion blogs –  read mostly by women. “J.Crew” is a highly searched word. Probably thanks to America’s obsession with what  Michelle Obama wears (I’m getting a WWMOW bracelet for my wife). What is really interesting about fashion blogs is that readers comment on the blogs all the time. My friend blogs about fashion and her “blog” turns into a virtual internet chat room (I guess they’re all virtual) with all the comments that follow a post.  I’m lucky if I get my two closest relatives and that linktrap.com guy to share anything witty on my blog.

 Understand that I’m not pleading with people to comment on my blog. I don’t really have time for that.  I guess all I want to say is –  Thanks  Uncle  Albert Gooseberry Einstein. You look great in your  J. Crew sweater.

Wowed by Billy’s App

I am a big fan of Billy’s Best Bottles and the genius behind the brand – Billy Munnelly. I first became a fan of Billy while reading about a wine tasting in the Toronto Star.  The author of the article was listing the people at the tasting  and remarked that while the “experts” were waiting for the wine to be poured Billy Munnelly was in the corner trying to figure out how to get the hotel’s espresso machine started. I felt an instant connection with that man in the corner.

Now Billy, and his partner Kato, have come up with a BRILLIANT (yes, I meant to yell that) app for the iPhone – and happily, I own an iPhone (thank you Steve Jobs). I could play with this app all day.  I let my wife open the app to look at – she was won over instantly by the cork that spins when the app opens.  She’s easily amused by things like that. So am I.

I love the content. Billy is the champion of wines that are affordable and unpretentious. Each of Billy’s recommendations comes with a bottle shot (can be enlarged to full screen) and the product code, which is applicable Canada-wide.  “I’ve kept this app as simple as my books – thirty years of drinking experience scaled down to what is essential. No strange wine lingo, no challenging gourmet food pairings, and no silly scores for the wines. Wine geeks will probably hate it, but if your focus is the drinking experience, my app will get you there quickly with the wine best suited for your situation.” Billy

The App is as easy to use as the Billy’s Best Bottles book and more convenient because it’s also on my telephone.  Albert Einstein, you would have been so happy to live in these crazy times.

Recently I guest blogged at  Linktrap.com and praised Billy’s web site as one of my places of inspiration on the internet. Now it’s on my phone.

Screen Shot Rustic Reds

Screen Shot House Reds


Einstein would have loved an iPhone

I found myself staring at a great bottle of wine last week.  A 2004 single vineyard wine from Bodegas LAN –  I love LAN – then I remembered that I forgot to memorize the Rioja vintages chart. Was it 2004 that was a crappy vintage or 2003?  Who memorizes those things?

What I did remember was that  I own an iPhone – that means that with the proper app  I never have to remember anything – not even my phone number – AE would have loved that.

EINSTEIN, who was never able to recall his own phone number, was famous for not memorizing anything that could be quickly and easily looked up in a standard reference volume. “Never memorize what you can look up in books,” he said. In fact, EINSTEIN claimed never to memorize anything which could be looked up in less than two minutes.

Furthermore, EINSTEIN once declared that his second greatest idea after the theory of relativity was to add an egg while cooking soup in order to produce a soft-boiled egg without having an extra pot to wash. This was clearly a man who would have loved the idea of using his “telephone” to help him purchase a bottle of wine.

Neither Albert or I can memorize this and hey, 2004 was a good year!

2011 – Don’t worry about this one

Some of you will remember the fear mongering fire that I tried adding fuel to last year.  “Y2K – Time to Panic”.  Anyone with a basic understanding of computer programming (I just realized that those people probably aren’t reading a wine blog) will know that 2011 is just as binary as 2010.  So why not worry about the end of the world this year?  In a word – The Mayans.

The Mayans.  A civilization that predicted the end of the world in 2012 and ironically (and I use the word correctly) did not foresee the end of their own civilization. If that doesn’t scare you enough then consider Nostradamus – he also predicted the end of the world in 2012.  And you can’t spell Nostradamus without  “damn us”.

So how do we proceed knowing that 2011 will be by all accounts delightful?  Here’s my 3 step program to enjoying 2011.

1. Drink more Champagne – and if you can’t afford the real stuff a Cava, Cremant, or even American Sparkling wine will do.

Albert after drinking the same wine over and over

2. Drink different wines – as Albert Einstein said about wine “The definition of insanity is drinking the same wine over and over again and expecting a different result”.

3. Splurge on some highly recommended and expensive bottles this year.  If we’ve learned any fear mongering from the Mayans, 2011 may be your last chance.