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Black Cab for Sale

This is not the black cab i am talking about


The one i’m referring to is distinctly Canadian.

As far as i’m concerned the Black Cab is an iconic Ontario wine . A blend of around 40% Baco Noir and equal amounts of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, i’ve argued that it is one of the best blends of Ontario grown grapes. All these grapes are good cold climate grapes and when used well make a great wine. I’m a cheerleader for Ontario Cabernet Franc and i think Baco Noir, when blended like this, makes for a great BBQ wine or a winter sipper.  Black berries and cherries with an earthy undertone – sorry wine descriptor police, that’s about as much “wine code” as i use.

On sale now at the lcbo for $3 off! That’s almost as big a deal as the Crown Royal Northern Harvest [which i’ve yet to find a bottle of]!

$10.95 at an lcbo near you this week.

Eastdell Black Cab VQA —LCBO#: 609875 

So Local it’s loco

The wine I had for Thanksgiving this year was so local that it’s loco.  For years I have driven past Cox Creek Cellars between Guelph and Fergus saying to myself “I really should stop in there sometime”.  It wasn’t until I had a sudden urge for Elderflower wine (and honestly who doesn’t get that at least once a year) that I actually got around to seeing if a) Cox Creek Cellars has a website and 2) if they have Elderflower wine.

In my excitement I misread their webpage and drove to CCC only to find that they have ElderBERRY wine.  I have too many aroma memories of stinky socks (brother-in-Spain) to risk that taste. However, and it’s a big BUT, I did find lots there to intrigue my palate.

I ended up with a Black Currant wine that tasted like a drier version of the french classic Cassis – the preferred drink of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.  Delicious!

I also purchased a Baco Noir wine because the grapes are grown on the premises.  Grapes for wine grown in GUELPH?  Loco (and local).  Baco Noir is a thick skinned grape that does well in our cold climate.  The wine was a found treasure.  Well done Cox Creek Cellars.  See you again soon!

Hailing the Black Cab

Drank another great local wine this weekend.  Eastdell’s Black Cab is a blend of Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon – arguably (and I am willing to argue with anyone on this) 3 of the best red wine varietals that grow in Ontario.

42% Baco Noir, 27% Cab Franc, and 31% Cabernet Sauvignon – dark fruits from the Baco, a green grass acidity from the Franc, depth and tannins from the Cab Sav.  This is a great wine!

LCBO 609875 | Price: $ 12.95


Black Cab™ is crafted from varieties that grow well in Niagara’s cool climate: Baco Noir and Cabernet. Crimson in colour showing aromas of dark berry fruits, vanilla, raspberry, cranberry and spice on the nose. Deep brooding dark fruit characters typical of Baco Noir are present on the palate with black cherry and blackberry flavours, bright tannins and great balance. Drink now or cellar for 3-4 years.