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“Stop the press!”

Is there really anybody who works at a newspaper that can yell “stop the press!” anymore?  That would be one of the greatest moments in an editor’s life. I have a newspaper editor friend and he can only remember it happening once.  Doesn’t it seem like J. Jonah Jameson yells it all the time in the Spiderman comics? Maybe that’s “PARKER!”.

One of the greatest moments in a wine-writer’s life is the discovery of a new great wine – and by great I mean inexpensive – and by new I mean I haven’t purchased it before – and by wine I mean … well I guess the rest is literal.

Here’s a great wine that I found at the LCBO – to be truthful  Gord Stimmell (Toronto Star) found it first and that’s how I found it – Gord, sorry about calling you a jerk last year. I love Bardolino – it is the forgotten grape of Veneto, Italy.  Everyone is usually all like “I love the Ripasso, and oooh the Amarone, etc etc“.  I’m all like, “I love the sour freshness of the Bardolino” and then I break into the song Oklahoma (using the word Bardolino – try it now – it’s compelling).

Hey Gord, looks like Decanter magazine also likes your Bardolino – “You’re looking fine Bardolino …

VINTAGES 134544 | Price: $ 12.95


Stuck in my head – Bardolino

Ever get a tune stuck in your head?  “Stayin’ Alive” by the BeeGees was in my head all afternoon after I visited to a pawn shop downtown.  There really should be a warning on the door of stores that play music like that.  Sticky music.

Everytime I think of the word Bardolino I sing it like the showtune “Oklahoma”.  “Baaar —dolino where the wind comes sweeping o’er the plain – Bardolino”.  See there it is.  It will not come out of my head.

I discovered and wrote about the wine Bardolino this past summer in Genova (see my post Italy ~ Let’s get ready to argue).  Bardolino is a light / medium bodied wine that is easy to drink but fights back just enough for me to like it.  I promised to review a couple from the LCBO. 

FOLONARI BARDOLINO LCBO 12344 |  Price: $ 11.95 

Folonari is easy drinking and light but doesn’t fight back with sour cherries like I wanted it too.  A short finish.  Simple but good.

NEGRAR BARDOLINO LCBO 39701 | PRODUCT DISCONTINUED??*??Price: $ 9.95 –  I investigated this further.  The LCBO website says Product Discontinued but the Speedvale store has 16 bottles so race to get them because this one is really good! It tastes like the Bardolino I drank in Italy.

Italy ~ Let’s get ready to argue

I think I found the national past-time of Italians. Italians love to argue!  Whether it’s over espresso (Lavazza or Illy), soccer (InterMilan or AC Milan), or the best foccaceria (the one here or the one two doors down from here), Italians love to have heated “discussions”.  I don’t think it’s just my interpretation of watching them talk with their hands flying about – they love to argue.  They really are kind, generous people so who am I to argue over their love of arguing. Our train stopped due to technical difficulties the other day.  One older lady let the conductor know about it loud enough to entertain the rest of the riders. I’m not sure how to argue over a train’s technical difficulties but then again I am not Italian.

I’ve discovered I enjoy wines that are like Italians.  I want my wine to be delicious but to fight back a little.  I like that about the Bardolino that I am drinking.  Bardolino is from the lake district (Lago di Garda) east of Milan near Verona.  It has some nice berry flavours, is simple, but comes at you with a little edginess and tartness. I am coming home to try some of the LCBO’s bottles of Bardolino and see which ones I like fighting with ~ I will report on them early in September but if you want to try a couple and report to me I am ready to listen ~ and maybe argue with you.

Bardolino ~ you can't argue that this looks like a nice place to visit