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Trying to be American

It’s Easter weekend,  lamb is on the menu and I’m in America trying to be American. However, on a visit to the local wine store I found my cart full of French wine – a Champagne, a Burgundy, and a lovely delicate white also from Burgundy.  The wine matched the menu but I have a rule to try and blend in when I’m in America.    It’s also not easy to blend in because I know I am a smug Canadian whenever I hear somebody talking hockey – “I understand, you don’t”, is what is always on the tip of my tongue. It’s only my good manners (another annoying Canadian trait) that keeps me from saying anything.  Also, I try not to apologize all the time for things that I didn’t even do.

My “blend in” strategy is partly to drink American wine.  So I put back the Champagne and picked up a Mumm sparkling wine from California.  Likewise the French white went back on the shelf in favor (American spelling of favour) of a delicate Viognier from Cline.  The only thing I couldn’t do was put back the Burgundy – $15 for a $35 bottle of wine?  I had to keep it.  Come to think of it, how very American of me.

La Tour - Le deal

Cline Viognier

Mumm from Cali


Road Trip? The Geography of French Wine

Reims to Rhone - the perfect iTrip

I am planning early for retirement.  Champagne to Chateauneuf – that’s my first road trip!  And I do believe that despite what my iPhone says, it will take more than 6 hours and 25 minutes. Here are the details …

The only thing I’ll need is a convertible as I already have a good-looking wife for the passenger seat (an essential part of retirement).

From the bubbles of Champagne to the Pinot Noirs of Burgundy I promise only to take country roads. 

On to Beaujolais (which although technically part of Burgundy serves up Gamay grapes) where I can track down Georges Dubœuf and ask him why he connects his “o” and “e”. 

Lyon is the most northern point of the Rhone and the gastronomic capital of the world. I am a gastronimic fan.  We will stop for dinner. 

The Northern Rhone Syrah wines inspired the Shiraz movement all over the world.  It’s a good stopover before I get to my favorite French wine region – the Southern Rhone –   where wines are made with a blend of as many as 13 grapes.

This trip needs some careful planning.  Some further research is forthcoming as there is much to look forward to.

Two summer reds – Bouchard Père & Fils

“Sweet baby Bacchus I need a great summer wine – and make it red”.  Does this sound like you?  Perhaps you’ve tried to find one and the closest you’ve come is close.   We both know that’s not close enough.  Here are my summer reds.

BOUCHARD PERE & FILS – Bouchard Père & Fils is a family winery in Burgundy France.  These wines are clearly brothers. They are similar, light reds from Burgundy and both made with Gamay.  The Mâcon Gamay has a nice sour cherry taste to it and is my favorite but I’ve never gone wrong serving a Beaujolais-Villages at a summer grill party. A great price, great flavours, and perfect for summer drinking.

Summer wines from the LCBO

    LCBO 164582 | Price: $ 13.95 

   LCBO 665448 | Price: $ 12.95