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Gooseberry Wine

I  obtained a bottle of Gooseberry Wine this week – same supplier as my High Bush Cranberry Wine .  This wine had only a hint of smelly sock on the nose. I was a little disappointed because I like being offended by a wine’s nose. I once had a delightful Coyote’s Run Cabernet Franc that smelled like a goat farm (and not in the good way) but it was the best wine at the wine festival. In any event I did not detect any evidence that a cat had peed on this gooseberry bush, just good old gooseberries.

My collection of Uncle Art's wine


This Gooseberry wine was not nearly as tart as the instant puckering taste of a gooseberry but  rather tasted of very nice ripe fruit.  I also received a lovely Elderflower wine that was delicate – like you would expect a flower wine to be – and became a great conversation piece at the Craig’s birthday party.  Uncle Art, keep making wine and don’t forget who your relatives are!



What’s in this bottle?

 I know you catch more flies with honey but I am mad again. There is a white wine from New Zealand called Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush.  Stupid, stupid name. Unless that’s what’s really in the bottle – in which case it doesn’t qualify as “white”.

Hey I have an idea.  Let’s try marketing the wine instead of a stupid name.  Or maybe I should give in to stupid name marketing, rent Hot Tub Time Machine, open a bottle of Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, and forfeit three hours of my life.

And yes wine historians, I know that “Cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush” is considered a classic descriptor of Sauvignon Blanc.  Not anymore it isn’t.

Okay – maybe it’s a funny label and I do love Sauvignon Blanc – if only I could be sure it’s not really cat’s pee in the bottle.