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At the car wash 

I bet myself that I could write an entire blog post using my phone while sitting at the car wash.

Yes, I’m sitting for 30mins in line because it’s finally warm out and I want a clean car.  It’s actually a stupid privileged world problem – who needs a clean car? I’m even driving a Jeep, which I think is supposed to be dirty. I still don’t understand the Jeep thing.

Another thing I don’t understand is this.


My daughter, M, thinks that instant coffee will be the next big hipster thing. Like Pabst Blue Ribbon beer [previous post here] – everyone knows it isn’t good but we drink it anyways because it’s cool and ironic.  So I made myself a cup.

How was it? If you’re thinking of trying this at home … don’t.

Hey there you go – I entertained myself and maybe brother-in -Spain, wrote about something to drink, and was inspired by my muse M to write.  I call it the blogging natural hat trick.

Seriously, don’t drink this stuff.

Still waiting for a clean Jeep

Who drinks espresso?

I’ve been a coffee lover for 20 years now. In my quest for a personal vice I’ve become an espresso lover.
While visiting a Starbucks [conveniently tucked inside a Chapters bookstore] I noticed someone else indulging in his espresso habit.
Look closely.


Holy hot espresso Batman …


It’s Batman

This is not photo-shopped – the coffee cupping caped crusader apparently loves his latte!

Best Poster Ever

One poster says it all.

Thanks for posting this on Facebook Pelee Island Winery


Legal or not …

I can now sleep securely knowing that if someday coffee trading becomes illegal (ala prohibition) I have secured a contact in Guelph’s “underground coffee” movement.

My sources told me that Joe (real name – I don’t change names to protect anyone) was roasting in his garage right here in Guelph. Feeling a little like investigative journalist Geraldo Rivera visiting Al Capone’s vault, my source and I turned left at Exhibition Park and ended up at the covert, underground operation that is Grizzly Bear Coffee. I was please to find that this vault wasn’t empty. Also,  I didn’t waste 2 hours of precious primetime TV.

In 20 minutes Grizzly Joe (not his real nickname) magically turned tiny pale coffee pits into dark, glossy, coffee beans.

raw coffee


It’s nice to know that I’m again ready for the next Y2K scare – thanks Joe.  I’ve started an underground movement to create a secret coffee of the week club.

Mon café

This just in from the espresso trail files. This cost me 1 Euro 60

The espresso is ordered “noisette”and it comes with a little cookie and a shot of jus. Yay France.
Disclaimer – it also cost me the price of a plane ticket to Europe and 2 weeks accommodation