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Insider on Cider

I spent most of last week in the business of research and espionage – finding out the incider secrets to producing, kegging, and partying with cider.  The friendly, but unsuspecting victims of my espionage?  Sulker’s Cider [now brewing cider at a secret location in Guelph] – more specifically  Matt and his partner N. I blogged about them last year in Cider: The Final Frontier.  I infiltrated the world of cider through friendly connections – my daughter, M, who has played the role of “best friend” to these people for years – heh.

What i found was dry  cider flavoured with hops, kombucha , passionfruit, rose-hips and hibiscus, and several other ciders that i do not pretend to understand [actually i pretended to understand everything while i helped Matt and N keg and sample the cider].  Later this weekend I partied with them at a launch party at Her Fathers Cider Bar in Toronto [a good city to stay anonymous in – important in the espionage business].

When any of these get on tap at a bar near you demand one from your server. Or ask politely.

These were my my favourites from the launch party.

  1. Sulker’s Dry-hopped Kombucha blended cider. 6.0% – blended dry-hopped cider and kombucha. It appealed to my sour loving palette
  2. Sulker’s Super Dry. 6.3% – clean with minimal sweetness- hints of tannin
  3. Tie – Sulker’s Super-Dry with Rose-Hips and Hibiscus because they remind me of collecting rose-hips for gramma, and the Super-Dry with Pasisonfruit because who doesn’t love passionfruit – the most alien looking of all fruits.

This is what the party looked like …

Kombucha and Rose-Hip / Hibiscus

Pretty Sulker’s Cider bottles

While at the party i snooped the basement and found this source of nectar

This is what the research looked like …

Me pretending to sample while i took note of the wall of hardware behind me

I don’t pretend to know what this is – but i pretended while espionaging

I actually did know what these were – but i pretended not to

Oh, i didn’t bother to change anyone’s name to protect anyone in this article.  All the characters are NOT fictitious.