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Cultural Appreciation

Some observations for my first week in Spain
1. My outdoor cocina is an upgrade from my own in Guelph. At least the view is
2. Large dogs still bark all night. The small ones bark all day – prompting me to learn a new Spanish phrase, “ese pequeño perro es un charlatán incansable” [that small dog is a tireless barker] which I think demonstrates considerable cultural acceptance from my last visit when I learned “cállate estúpido perro” [shut up stupid dog].
3. Coffee is milky and good and you get little heat blisters on your fingers because they serve it in un vaso
4. Wine is inexpensive and really good – good enough that I dared myself to drink the lunch sized tetra pack last night
5. The food colours are vibrant





Pulling the Cork in Europe – Summer 2010


This blog is going mobile. 

Besides proving to myself that the world is round – this summer I am pulling corks (and twisting them if I have to ) on the Mediterranean.  Yes, all my entries and photos will be from these great wine-making countries as I search for wine, espresso, and local food. You might be mad at me all summer – but that could be fun too!

I will also investigate why France and Italy did so poorly in this year’s World Cup.  I am afraid that it might be a bad vintage for both countries so I am determined to disprove that theory as Europe becomes my tasting lab.

Malaga - Antibes - Genoa

 “Come on move now Movin’ Keep me movin’, yeah Keep me movin’, groovin’, groovin’, yeah Movin’, Yeah Mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, …
I’m mobile Oooooh, yeah, hee!  Mobile, mobile, mobile yeah”

(Pete Townshend, The Who)