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Summer wines

Drinking rosé this summer? We do in France.



The French have a way with words don’t they?  Their word for “Organic” [Biologique – Bio for short] is way cooler than ours.

Also, some believe that the word organic implies that the other products are “inorganic” – which is of course absurd.  Brother-in-Spain [a frequent commenter on this blog, relative, and birthday boy!] is still quite confused on the subject as he demonstrates on his own blog Plant Every Day.  Understandable, as he has always appeared to be smarter than me – but sometimes that gets lost in translation.

Anyhoo – I decided to go Biologique on my last shopping trip to the LCBO. I found a very tasty Côtes du Rhône and a Pinot Noir from the Sud de France. I threw in a local eco-friendly Cab Franc blend from Pelee Island just to round out the triple play.


LCBO 360966 | Price $ 13.95 A sassy little bio – Grenache / Syrah blend that is quite smooth, not too sweet, and frankly delicious. This may be my vin biologique de l’été – lightly chilled the berry fruits are quite prominent but there is a rustic quality that makes me want to BBQ

LCBO 292995 |Price $ 13.95  A lighter bio than the Roche Bastide with a bit more sour cherry – again, a great BBQ wine if the blasted polar vortex ever gives up his grip on the Northern Hemisphere.

LCBO 612465 | Price $ 10.95 A touch sweeter than the other two – so great if you like that sort of thing. Lots of fruits and berries and a freakin’ cool frog on the label.  That sold me – and the Cabernet Franc heavy blend.

Wine education

I’ve said it before – if we could overhaul our education system and teach people the irreducible essentials of wine then people would be happier.  Let’s build a world that is not fooled by clever wine names  (Goats do Roam)  or cute labels.  Kangaroos chasing little penguins are next on a label believe me and it won’t stop there.

This isn’t really a rant – or is it – but I think if people knew some basics about wine then it would make life easier both at the LCBO and in front of the waiter in a restaurant.

Next time you go to the your local wine store – or a local restaurant – get yourself a Côtes du Rhône.  It’s a red wine, it’s from France, and it pairs with most food.  Lightly chill it (20 minutes in the fridge) and get at it.

With French roosters on the label it has to be good French wine

LCBO 298505 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 10.95
Limited Time Offer
Was: $ 11.95
Now: $ 10.95
Save: $ 1.00 
Until Sep 16, 2012

Feeling a little French today

My recent trip to the wine store yielded an all French purchase.  My standard French purchase is a Cotes du Rhone – I got three of them – and I picked up a Beaujolais just to remind my taste buds that Nouveau season is less than 2 months away. If you ever feel in a French state of  mind then give these bottles a flutter.


Mommesin Beaujolais – light and playful, because sometime I don’t feel serious $9.95

La Vieille Ferme – you can never go wrong with the Old Farm $11.95

Carte Noire Celliers des Dauphins – drink out of the bottle that Napoleon drank from (well that’s what it looks like to me) $10.95

Louis Bernard Cotes du Rhone – Lou “Boom Boom” Bernard makes a decent CdR  at $11.95