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Gord on my nerves again

Gord Stimmell is the Toronto Star’s wine columnist and he’s written about another fantastic wine.  Last year he did the same thing and I couldn’t get the wine for almost 3 weeks because it was sold out.  At that time I called Gord a jerk. The irony (and schadenfreude) was that after the article  Gord went to his local LCBO  to buy his recommended wine  only to find out that it was sold out. In the words of Nelson Muntz, “Ha, Ha”.

Gord is at it again. This is from his column this week in the Toronto Star. “Our top three performers on the general list …(blah, blah, blah) …  I’ve saved the best for last. The Jacob’s Creek merited a huge 92 score, stunning for a general list wine under $20. …(yadda, yadda, yadda) I am rushing out to buy a half case before this column appears in print. Cheers!”

Maybe it’s just me – but I interpret “cheers” as “nuts to you“.  Gord – I can’t find your wine anywhere – and it really only makes me mad because the scope of  your influence fills me with envy. You’re a powerful man Gord – I’m scared of you.

This man both scares me and fills me with envy

“Stop the press!”

Is there really anybody who works at a newspaper that can yell “stop the press!” anymore?  That would be one of the greatest moments in an editor’s life. I have a newspaper editor friend and he can only remember it happening once.  Doesn’t it seem like J. Jonah Jameson yells it all the time in the Spiderman comics? Maybe that’s “PARKER!”.

One of the greatest moments in a wine-writer’s life is the discovery of a new great wine – and by great I mean inexpensive – and by new I mean I haven’t purchased it before – and by wine I mean … well I guess the rest is literal.

Here’s a great wine that I found at the LCBO – to be truthful  Gord Stimmell (Toronto Star) found it first and that’s how I found it – Gord, sorry about calling you a jerk last year. I love Bardolino – it is the forgotten grape of Veneto, Italy.  Everyone is usually all like “I love the Ripasso, and oooh the Amarone, etc etc“.  I’m all like, “I love the sour freshness of the Bardolino” and then I break into the song Oklahoma (using the word Bardolino – try it now – it’s compelling).

Hey Gord, looks like Decanter magazine also likes your Bardolino – “You’re looking fine Bardolino …

VINTAGES 134544 | Price: $ 12.95

Tornado watch wine

Weather Network addicts raise your hand.  What did you do during the tornado watch of Wednesday night?  Aside from learning the word “tornadic” and learning about “strobe lightning” I realized that it is a great idea to have a wine cellar in your basement – in case you need to scramble to your basement because of the tornadic weather. Just remember to grab some cheese from the fridge on your way down.

To say that I was a storm chaser Wednesday night is a bit of an exaggeration – but I did take tornado watching to a new level.  Sitting on my porch I watched the lightning show and watched for funnel clouds with a nice bottle of Cava.  After that we brought out the prosciutto, cheese, salami, and bread and then opened a nice sturdy bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon – Stone Dwellers Cab from Australia.  You remember Stone Dwellers? I still refer to it as the Gord Stimmell wine. It seemed a good idea to be drinking Stone Dwellers in the event of a tornado.  It is a strong wine that was perfect for battening down the hatches on a stormy night.

Tornado watch wine

How Gord Stimmell wrecked my day

Gord wrecked my day.

Who is Gord? “Gord Stimmell is the Toronto Star’s wine critic”. Says so on their website.  My value-driven, wine snob friend Chris, forwarded me Gord’s column last week … “Then we have my highest-rated general-list wine in four years, Stone Dwellers 2008 Cab Sauv, which is $19.95 but tastes like $60 and rates a solid 92. I am buying this for my cellar, so spare me a few bottles, pretty please.”

Sounds like a good wine. So I went online, found that my local store in Guelph had 60 bottles. I went there to purchase some only to find out that ALL 60 BOTTLES WERE ON HOLD!

“SERIOUSLY?”, I said in capital letters to the sales clerk.  Then I walked away muttering something like “Gord’s a jerk”.

So when Gord recommends a wine  it’s gone off the shelves within 24 hours.    You probably think that I’m envious of Gord’s power – and you’re right.  I’m already planning to recommend a wine that I know isn’t in stock anywhere so that  even 1 person might think that it’s all gone because Travis recommended it.  I hope they call me a jerk.

For now, I have the local wine store on speed dial.  The moment they get some of that Australian gold in I’m putting it on hold. Keep up the good work Gord.

I'll let you know when I get a bottle