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Phil’s wine

Phil Andrews is probably most recognized as the managing editor of the Guelph Mercury.  What is little known about Phil is that he recently entered the world of wine making.  Admittedly that involved pouring a packet of yeast into a container at the wine shop in a suburban strip mall, but a wine maker nonetheless.

Phil’s venture into wine began with a Pinot Grigio started on St. Patrick’s Day this year. He has named it Pinot Greenio (or something like that). Historically, this may be the first time that alcohol and St Patrick’s day have ever gone together.

Phil arranged a meeting with me, as the resident wine blogger, to drop off  a bottle of the wine.  I gave him my word that I would be honest in my assessment.  For his part he wanted me to sign a waiver  in the event that I went blind drinking his wine.

Pinot Grigio wines are meant to be consumed early.  This one qualifies as it is less that 2 months old. I opened it and gave a glass to my wife – not because I was scared of it. Her first response was “Mmm, this is light”.  Now Phil, I think you should be very pleased with that.  Amongst the things that she could have said was, “Is this homemade?”, “Oh, I don’t like that at all”, or “What is this?”.

Verdict – We found the wine very light in colour, in the Italian style of Grigio  and light in taste.  It bordered dangerously on being watery but was crisp and acidic enough to keep us sipping.   We agreed that we would spend $8 on it at the LCBO.

Well done Phil the wine maker. Let’s arrange another drop off.

Color variations among different styles of Pinot gris. (L-R) Italian Pinot Grigio with a straw yellow color, Alsatian Pinot gris with a lemon color, Oregon Pinot gris with a copper-pink color