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So Local it’s loco

The wine I had for Thanksgiving this year was so local that it’s loco.  For years I have driven past Cox Creek Cellars between Guelph and Fergus saying to myself “I really should stop in there sometime”.  It wasn’t until I had a sudden urge for Elderflower wine (and honestly who doesn’t get that at least once a year) that I actually got around to seeing if a) Cox Creek Cellars has a website and 2) if they have Elderflower wine.

In my excitement I misread their webpage and drove to CCC only to find that they have ElderBERRY wine.  I have too many aroma memories of stinky socks (brother-in-Spain) to risk that taste. However, and it’s a big BUT, I did find lots there to intrigue my palate.

I ended up with a Black Currant wine that tasted like a drier version of the french classic Cassis – the preferred drink of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.  Delicious!

I also purchased a Baco Noir wine because the grapes are grown on the premises.  Grapes for wine grown in GUELPH?  Loco (and local).  Baco Noir is a thick skinned grape that does well in our cold climate.  The wine was a found treasure.  Well done Cox Creek Cellars.  See you again soon!