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Ice to see you

In one of my favourite Simpsons opening scenes ever McBain appears from within an ice sculpture Venus de Milo and  … well take a look for yourself

It was with this in mind that i brought an ice wine up from the cellar to celebrate the end of summer.  Interestingly nobody was very interested [how paradoxical] in the ice wine.  They’re a picky crowd.  In the past i’ve heard things from these relatives like “i don’t really like white” and “i don’t really like sweet wine” and “shut up Travis” [actually that’s what i hear most from them].  So i thought maybe they needed some learning.

This Peller Estates Vidal Icewine was a gift from a friend, something i wouldn’t normally buy for myself – but i may have to change that in the future. It was a beautiful ending to the day and to the summer.  For those who don’t know, icewine grapes are picked at -10 degrees and then pressed while frozen. This allows only small quantities of Bacchus’ sweet nectar to be extracted. The wine exhibits light floral and peach notes and finishes with a taste of honey suckle. It was delicate and exquisite.  Award winning in fact.

Gold Medal – Korea Wine Challenge 2012

Gold MedalDecanter World Wine Awards, UK 2012

Gold Medal – Wine China Competition 2012 

Peller Estates Private Reserve Vidal Icewine VINTAGES#: 18564   |   200 mL bottle  $26.95

Hanging with the Queen

If you had told me 5 years ago that I would google with the Queen I might have slapped you.  That’s because I didn’t know how cool the Google Hangout was – or what it was for that matter.  And the Queen?  Natalie MacLean – Queen of the internet wine writing and wine tasting  as far as I’m concerned – and 140,000 subscribers can’t be wrong.

So anyhoo – we Google Hangout(ed) and tasted a selection of wine and cheese and the entire thing is now on the You Tube!

12 of us were provided with some wine and some cheese and we all hung out on the internet and talked about it.  You can see the entire thing here – Natalie’s Google Hangout.  If you fast forward to the 27th minute you will see my disastrous attempt to sabre a sparkling icewine go horribly wrong.  2011 was a great year for ice wine but a terrible year for glass.

I think the best wine I tried was Le Clos Jordanne Village Reserve Chardonnay (click for our tasting notes).  It would make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list.

2011 – great year for ice wine, bad year for glass

Thanks to the people at Inniskillin for providing the wine – to the Dairy Farmers of Canada for the cheese – and to the Queen for organizing the fun. What a privilege for a guy who writes a wine blog mainly to make his brother-in-Spain laugh to be included in this event and with this group of people.  Thanks everyone – and good news – I got all the glass out of the carpet.

Icewine at Night – Inniskillin

Photo blog from the Icewine Dinner at Inniskillin
Icewine Vodka Martini in an Iceglass

Pingue's Meats & Upper Canada Cheese

Glacier Bay Oysters with Icewine mignonette – Served in the cellar with Sparkling Vidal Icewine


Crispy Pork Belly from that magical animal

Vidal Foie Gras Brulee? The Chef is just showing off

Strip Loin with Bernaise demands a closeup


Don't lick the Icebar set up for smores - serving Cabernet Franc hot chocolate


Callebaut Chocolate and CabFranc Icewine - say no more!

Ridiculously large chunks of Aged Parmesan with Oak Aged Vidal

Thank you to the staff at Inniskillin, Marcie, Chef David Penny and Winemaker Bruce Nicholson.  I took photos because words would not do it justice.