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Picking Spain

I get distracted easily.  Recently I’ve been writing about beer, cognac, chocolate, and the election.  Already the title of this post, Picking Spain, has me thinking about the World Cup and not wine. Time to get back to wine – at least until something else distracts me.

As the summer draws closer my thoughts turn to my 2nd home – Spain. Okay, so it’s my brother’s home but whatever. I will be there in a month buying what the Spaniards call “el cheap wine“. The locals like it when you learn their language.

I think I should start preparing for my trip.  My wife starts packing for her trip about now – deciding on her colour story [that’s a real thing apparently]. I’ll start with my best selections from the LCBO  Spanish wines [click for LCBO link]. My colour story is 2 reds, a white, and a rosado.

  1. Beronia Reserva $20- classic Rioja [Tempranillo grape] at an affordable price. Reminds me of a hot, dry Spanish summer
  2. Hecula $12- lighter than a Rioja made in the south from Monastrell grapes
  3. Marquis de Riscal $13- a crisp white for those hot days in the garden
  4. Muga Rosado  $13- get it while you can – best pink in the store

And while I think of it … I did pick Spain to win the World Cup again.  Iker!!!!!

BERONIA RESERVA – Smooth tannins. Reservas are aged for a minimum of 1 yr in oak and 2 yrs in the bottle. They cost a little more but believe me, they are worth it.
VINTAGES Essential 50203 |Price $ 19.95


Note to self

I made some notes to myself on my first full day  in Spain – you can think of this as a cross-cultural blog today.

It’s a coolish day here in the south of Spain – should only get up to 38 C.  My first night was typically uneventful – if you consider loud dogs and freaked out roosters normal occurrences.  Here is the account of my night.

9 pm – kickoff for the Euro 2012 championship game. Spain vs Italy

9:20 – Spain scores, the entire city roars with cheering, dogs bark in response for 10 minutes, fireworks explode across our valley. This repeats itself three more times as Spain beats Italy 4-0

12 am – Brother-in-Spain sabers a bottle of Cava rosado to celebrate Spain’s win. Note to self – saber a bottle of cava soon – it probably won’t explode in my hand but look up “Emergency room” in my Spanish English dictionary anyway

1 am – in bed, fan set to level 2, it has cooled to a lovely 31 C.

3:30 am – alarmingly, the German Shepherd right next door barks incessantly for 10 minutes. Note to self – look up the Spanish phrase, “Shut up stupid dog”.

5:30 am – 3 roosters attempt to out-crow each other, or they recorded last night’s soccer game and are now watching it together. Note to self – look up a good recipe for Coq au Vin.

7am – Woke up so that I can have espresso when the sun comes up over the mountain.  Google translator tells me that shut up stupid dog is “Cállate estúpido perro”.  Note to self – memorize this phrase. I can look up a Coq au vin recipe tomorrow.

If you haven’t celebrated Spain’s Euro Championship with a bottle of Rosado Cava then do it today – unless you’re Italian