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You’ve got mail

I would like to do my own rant about the mail service in Canada.  Specifically the volume of email that gets sent to me .  Today I came home to find 38 unread emails. 38!  Those are just the ones that made it past my Spam and Bulk filters – that my wife hadn’t read already. I’ve had enough. So here goes …

icon_emailDear J. Crew,  stop sending me three emails at 5 a.m. and then again at 7:30 a.m. That is not the one ankle boot I need this year.

Dear Apple Store,  stop making your email come up a different colour than all the rest.  It freaks me out that only you can do that.

Dear eBay, I’ve NEVER purchased anything from you ever. How did you even get my email?

Dear FaceBook, stop changing your settings every 3 hours – I’m again getting notifications from people I unfriended a year ago [sorry Mom]

And hey Starbucks … if one more 50% off my favourite latte coupon gets sent my way today and I’m sending 50% of my next latte across your cafe floor.

Thank you for listening.

PS – my apologies to those who expected something about wine in this edition of my wine blog

PSS – brother in Spain, you’re welcome for not saying anything about wine in this edition of my wine blog

PSS – my wife wouldn’t let me say anything bad to the people at Pinterest


LCBO Quick Pick list

If you are going to the LCBO – or “the Happy Store” as my friend DaniBP calls it – and you want to know what the wine blogger (me) is buying these days then I have something for you.

At the right of this blog page – just under the shameless self-promoting image of my face – is a link to the LCBO Quick Pick list category of my blog entries.  A click and a scroll down this category will give you some good ideas.  But don’t get used to it.  My brother-in-Spain doesn’t read this blog for the wine recommendations – in fact he gets mad at me for suggesting wines and not writing foolishness.

So this is for you Guitar Glen,  Rugby guy, and anyone else who doesn’t have the patience to read through my thoughts on Albert Einstein, J.Crew, gooseberries, and the dreamy David Beckham looking for  wine notes.

Back to the photo of me – isn’t shameless self-promoting what the word blog means?

Albert “Gooseberry” Einstein and J. Crew


"Search me"

I have been doing some blog analysis recently and  I found that often people  get to my blog by Google searching the words “Einstein” and “Gooseberry”.  Interesting that people ever search for the word gooseberry. That I can’t explain. Maybe I should start using those words more in casual blogversation.


My other observation concerns fashion blogs –  read mostly by women. “J.Crew” is a highly searched word. Probably thanks to America’s obsession with what  Michelle Obama wears (I’m getting a WWMOW bracelet for my wife). What is really interesting about fashion blogs is that readers comment on the blogs all the time. My friend blogs about fashion and her “blog” turns into a virtual internet chat room (I guess they’re all virtual) with all the comments that follow a post.  I’m lucky if I get my two closest relatives and that linktrap.com guy to share anything witty on my blog.

 Understand that I’m not pleading with people to comment on my blog. I don’t really have time for that.  I guess all I want to say is –  Thanks  Uncle  Albert Gooseberry Einstein. You look great in your  J. Crew sweater.