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Peaceful Chile

This winter i’ve committed to trying new wines at the LCBO and i think i’ve found the best aisle in the store – Argentina to the right of me and Chile to the left. I’m no historian but it seems like these countries even get along. They coexistence peacefully in the wine store at least.

Right now my new favourite wine for under $10 is the Santa Rita 120 Cab Franc / Carmenere / Cab Sav blend. I like the fresh Cabernet Franc taste and i love the price.



Hey, turns out that “120” refers to 120 Chilean freedom fighters who took on the Spanish Independence  war of 1814 and hid in the Santa Rita cellars. Doesn’t sound very peaceful anymore.

Better than a groundhog’s shadow

I really think Spring is upon us.  I put a perfectly good Côtes du Rhône outside on Sunday and it saw it’s shadow. So I drank it.


For those of you looking for a good red wine under $12 [unfortunately $12 is the new $10] look no more.

Hope Springs Eternal

Call me optimistic, in the middle of another snowstorm,  but I found myself looking for this year’s BBQ wine this past week.

I know it looks a little pathetic out there in the cold, but trust me, this one is a keeper. Smoky notes, sour cherry, and enough tannin to hit back at those grilled sausages.


LCBO 234864 | 750 mL bottle

Price $ 9.95