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Riesling for Masai – The Godfather of Wine

This Saturday May 24th anyone who lives within a gas tank’s drive of Guelph has an opportunity to do the following …

  1. Do something good by raising $$ for the Bracelet of Hope
  2. Drink the queen of Ontario wine – Riesling
  3. Meet the Godfather of Ontario wine – Donald Ziraldo, Order of Ontario, Order of Canada ! [I don’t have either one of those – do you?]

My man Orest, at the Scottsdale LCBO, is running another of his brilliant tasting events Saturday from noon – 4 pm. For $10 [donation to Bracelet of Hope] you get to try samples of Ontario Riesling, meet owners and wine makers, eat delicious food, meet the Godfather, and shake hands with the irrepressible Orest Poluch [once you meet him you’ll see why he can’t be repressed]. Here’s some of the information that you may need to convince you to tell one and all and make it to this event.

Orest has named this event the 8th Annual Ontario Consumer Riesling Challenge despite me lobbying him to rename it Riesling for the Republic or alternately Ziraldo’s Here! Get Your Butt On Over

Confirmed wineries below: if looking at #15 doesn’t get you excited about next Saturday then nothing will.

1. BURNING KILN WINERY  ( wine maker present )





6. FEATHERSTONE ESTATE WINERY & VINEYARD ( winemaker/owner present )

7.  FOREIGN AFFAIR WINERY  ( owner present )




11. ROSEWOOD ESTATES WINERY   ( winemaker present )

12. SUE-ANN STAFF ESTATE WINERY     ( winemaker present)



15. ZIRALDO ESTATE WINERY  ( owner present ) Donald Ziraldo, Order of Canada, hon Doctorate Brock U


Local food purveyors involved:

Ouderkirk & Taylor will be providing cheese/preserves

Rheo Thompson from Stratford providing chocolate.

Bread by (Quican Inc. ) Quentin William Johnson

Greek Olive oil from TITHOREA a new retailer dealing specifically in olive oil from Greece.

A new southwest French inspired  bakery in town called Eric the Baker will provide sweet and savouries.

And Guelph’s own Planet Bean (100% Organic, Fair Trade coffee). Showcasing a new coffee from Congo.

Riesling for a good cause

Want a chance to drink Riesling and support a charitable organization?  That’s like a gift with purchase at the cosmetic counter – except that you get a couple of samples of Riesling instead of an obscure lipstick colour.

Saturday May 25 at the Scottsdale LCBO the 7th Annual Ontario Consumer’s Riesling Challenge takes place [noon – 4 pm. Put it in your iPhone calendar now!] with proceeds going to the Bracelet of Hope Foundation. That sounds like a good deal to me for the following reasons …

  1. My man Orest [Vintages Specialist at the Scottsdale LCBO] throws a great party.
  2. Riesling is Ontario’s finest white wine varietal [in my opinion – an opinion shared by people more knowledgable than me].
  3. Noon is the perfect time to start drinking white wine.  Unless the doors open at 11 am.
  4. 14 participants are bring their best Riesling for you to try.
  5. $10 gets you 4 samples [and maybe more if I know my wine makers and sales reps].
  6. The collected admission goes directly to Bracelet of Hope.
  7. The Featherstone winery uses roaming sheep to prune their vines [the call it “Sheep Labour“] and will be there with their Black Sheep Riesling.
  8. Fact #7 is darn cute!
  9. There will be free food
  10. My man Orest is worth the price of admission [seriously]

Featherstone’s Sheep Labour