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Really good inexpensive wine

I have found a solution to a problem that has plagued mankind for ages – or at least its plagued me for a couple of years.  What are the best inexpensive wines that I can buy time and time again and still feel happy about the quality of wine I am buying. Here is the happy trio …

I am buying 2 of these each time I go into the store.  That way I always have memories of Spain, France, and Italy at my fingertips. Hopefully I am doing my part to keep my Spanish, French, and Italian friends happy by picking a wine from each of their countries.  What am I – Swiss?


“Stop the press!”

Is there really anybody who works at a newspaper that can yell “stop the press!” anymore?  That would be one of the greatest moments in an editor’s life. I have a newspaper editor friend and he can only remember it happening once.  Doesn’t it seem like J. Jonah Jameson yells it all the time in the Spiderman comics? Maybe that’s “PARKER!”.

One of the greatest moments in a wine-writer’s life is the discovery of a new great wine – and by great I mean inexpensive – and by new I mean I haven’t purchased it before – and by wine I mean … well I guess the rest is literal.

Here’s a great wine that I found at the LCBO – to be truthful  Gord Stimmell (Toronto Star) found it first and that’s how I found it – Gord, sorry about calling you a jerk last year. I love Bardolino – it is the forgotten grape of Veneto, Italy.  Everyone is usually all like “I love the Ripasso, and oooh the Amarone, etc etc“.  I’m all like, “I love the sour freshness of the Bardolino” and then I break into the song Oklahoma (using the word Bardolino – try it now – it’s compelling).

Hey Gord, looks like Decanter magazine also likes your Bardolino – “You’re looking fine Bardolino …

VINTAGES 134544 | Price: $ 12.95