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I confess that i do have a penchant for French wine.  Even the inexpensive French wines make me happy.  It’s a beautiful country full of mostly beautiful people speaking a language that i’m 4% fluent in [thanks Duolingo for that “encouraging” update].  This white from the Vallée du Rhône Luberon is only $12 and it’s delicious.   Also, it’s referred to as the white chicken wine in this maison.


Where’s Wairau?

Who doesn’t love getting the gift of wine?

We have friends who spent a year in New Zealand – so when they gave us a wine from “the other down under” I got excited.  The closest I’ve been to New Zealand is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Our friends brought us a  bright Sauvignon Blanc from the Wairau River.  This gift also restored my interest in Geography.  I know so little about NZ  that I didn’t even know they had rivers!

New Zealand | Wairau River Wines Ltd.
VINTAGES 14340 | 750 mL | $ 16.95


This Sauv Blanc was vibrant (I think I use that word correctly) and crisp with lively acidity (now I’m more certain that I used vibrant correctly).  This makes a nice gift if you ever come over to visit.