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Starter Kit

Any new year’s resolutions? My sister-in-Spain’s resolution was to replace all the light bulbs in her house that were blown out – lofty goal indeed. I guess light bulbs in Spain are way more complicated than they are here in Guelph.

How about getting serious about wine this year? I was horrified last week to discover that my daughter in Toronto was drinking a glass of mediocre red that had been opened for 6 days already! Come on M – I think you can get seriously ill on that stuff.  I almost got seriously ill thinking of one of my own drinking inadequate wine.

So I took matters into my own hands took control of the situation [which as i understand kids like their dads to do] in this manner.

1. I bought her a Weinfrischhalter Geschenskset “wine suctiony vacuumy thing” as brother-in-spain calls it. Since it now comes in sage [a colour I just learned while purchasing the W-G] it is now as attractive to look at as it is to say.

2. I also bought her 4 bottles of lcbo value red wines.

Hecula from Yecla Spain [$12] – a nice smooth uncomplicated Monastrell

La Vielle Ferme [$11] because the old farm never disappoints when a rustic Côtes du Rhône is on the menu

Luccarelli’s Primitivo – at under $10 it is a steal – the new Italian Job if you like

120 Santa Rita Cab blend from Chile – also under $10 and delightfully heavy on the cab franc


I can sleep easier knowing that my girl is safe and sound when i can’t be around to pour a decent glass of wine for her. Hopefully she’s saying Weinfrischhalter Geschenskset and giggling to her own amusement at funny German words like i do.


Blizzardy Days

There’s nothing like a good teachable moment.  Here we are at the cusp of the biggest blizzard of the year. “Where were you during the Blizzard of 2013?” people will be saying for years.  What was I doing?  Making a good argument in favour of the wine cellar.  “A wine cellar in every home” would be my political platform if I ever ran for Mayor (watch out Cam Guthrie ).

If the people at the weather network have taught me anything it’s that my level of alarm should be directly proportional to their level of excitement.  What meteorological freaks they are at the Weather Network! Although to be fair, this storm is their “Superbowl” so I’m happy for them.

Which brings me to my point.  It’s times like these that you need a modest wine cellar.  Who wouldn’t want to tuck in to a nice tannic red wine on a blizzardy day?

PrimitivoI keep a couple of bottles in my basement just in case.  I’ve finished the last of my Y2K scare stock but I’m always ready for the next natural / unnatural / or other disaster. Tonight I drank Primitivo – Zinfandel’s inexpensive Italian cousin.


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