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ISO Martini

One of my research assignments is “ISO the perfect Martini”.  I’ve done a lot of research – not just drinking, but also asking around and asking people who think about such things.  I have a three page correspondence from an esteemed faculty member of the prestigious Ivey Business School on his own research and thoughts!

While i sit with all that, and consider a book publication, i wonder if the martini is so personal that it’s somehow linked to one’s own DNA/heritage.

If so, I believe I’ve discovered the perfect Swedish Martini all one my own.  Although the Jacobson part of my family that immigrated from Sweden were almost certainly teetotalers, there is something about this recipe that hits to my core.

Swedish Martini recipe

2 parts Vodka

I part Martini glass

One small ice cube [really small]

Whisper the words “pickled herring” and “vermouth” as you drop the ice cube in the martini glass

Garnish with a toast to the Tre Kronor and repeat



Martini and Squash

I’ve decided that i’m going to do a series of misleading titles for my articles. An hommage to “fake news” as it were. So i start with “Martini & Squash”, a combination that works terribly gastronomically, but brilliantly in a photo session.

Also, when i say “martini”, this is really just gin in a cool stemless martini glass with a bit of grapefruit peel.  I know, it’s really deceptive – but today i wore my WWRD* bracelet and i can’t help myself.

So pretty photo huh.  Great little squashes huh. Good use of the word huh, huh?.

*What Would a Republican Do