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Bespoke – who do you trust?

There are three important people a gentleman needs in his life – a good mechanic, a good tailor, and a good winemaker.

Also, I learned a cool new word today that I wish I had known all my life – BespokeI think there’s a bit of English gentleman in me waiting to get out.

Bespoke English pronunciation: /biˈspoʊk/ is a term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer’s specification (personalized or tailored). While applied to many items now, from computer software to luxury car appointments, the term historically was applied only to tailored clothing, shirts, and other parts of men’s apparel involving measurement and fitting.

The distinguishing points of bespoke tailoring are the buyer’s total control over the fabric used, the features and fit, and the way the garment should be made. More generally, bespoke describes a high degree of “customization“, and involvement of the end-user, in the production of the goods.

I’m sure my wife is embarrassed that I didn’t know that word – I know that her friend DaniBP will be.

I want a winery that can “bespoke”  wine for me?  I tell them what grape varietals I like, how long I want it aged etc.  and then I get to come up with my own name for those wines. Who am I kidding – I need a good winemaker to help me do that.  Come to think of it, I would probably also keep asking my tailor “what do you think?” through the entire process of getting my suit.  That’s why we have winemakers. They take each year’s harvest work the grapes in the manner thatbest highlights them. Each year I buy the new vintage of winemakers I trust like LAN, Muga,  and Guigal.

Find a good winemaker you can trust, a good mechanic, and a good tailor and you’re set.

While I’m at it – would somebody please bespoke this entire outfit for me that I saw on the sartorialist website? I think I’d look good if I spent an enormous amount of money on my clothes.