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Restocking at the LCBO

My top shelf is empty.  For those who follow this blog you will recall that the top shelf is the vin ordinaire – the wine that my wife can open without asking “is this saved for something special?”.

So a restocking is in order.  Here’s what I came up with – 8 bottles for $90. They are the wines that are good and inexpensive too.


  1. France – GEORGES DUBOEUF BEAUJOLAIS  LCBO 212480 |Price $ 10.95
  2. Pelee Island – PELEE ISLAND BACO NOIR VQA LCBO 485128 | Price $ 10.45
  3. Spain – BODEGAS CASTANO HECULA  LCBO 300673 | Price $ 11.80
  4. Niagara – CHATEAU DES CHARMES ALIGOTE VQA ST. DAVID’S BENCH  LCBO 296848 |Price $ 13.95
  6. Spain [Cava} – CODORNIU BRUT CLASICO SPARKLING LCBO 215814 | Price $ 12.95
  7. Portugal – BERCO DO INFANTE RESERVA LCBO 253864 |Price $ 9.20
  8. Niagara – CALAMUS RIESLING 2010 VINTAGES 158642 | Price $ 16.95 [I spend big $$ on this one because my man Orest vouched for it]

Better than a groundhog’s shadow

I really think Spring is upon us.  I put a perfectly good Côtes du Rhône outside on Sunday and it saw it’s shadow. So I drank it.


For those of you looking for a good red wine under $12 [unfortunately $12 is the new $10] look no more.

Have you lost weight?

I am the first to admit that I usually don’t notice details.  One night I asked my wife about the new lamps on our bedside tables only to find out that they had been there for 2 months!  I also confess that I put my wife’s hair appointments in my iPhone calendar so that I “notice” that her hair looks nice.

Out with the old

Out with the old

So little wonder last week that I stood with a quizzical stare at a wine bottle in the France section of the LCBO.  One of my favourites looked like they had either lost a little weight or gotten taller – or both.

Cellier des Dauphins has finally abandoned the old squatty brandy shaped bottle for a classic sleek Côtes du Rhône bottle. I guess I’m a little disappointed – I liked the unique shape.  However, maybe more people will buy the “normal” look and hey, this is a great wine


In with the new

In with the new

Blizzardy Days

There’s nothing like a good teachable moment.  Here we are at the cusp of the biggest blizzard of the year. “Where were you during the Blizzard of 2013?” people will be saying for years.  What was I doing?  Making a good argument in favour of the wine cellar.  “A wine cellar in every home” would be my political platform if I ever ran for Mayor (watch out Cam Guthrie ).

If the people at the weather network have taught me anything it’s that my level of alarm should be directly proportional to their level of excitement.  What meteorological freaks they are at the Weather Network! Although to be fair, this storm is their “Superbowl” so I’m happy for them.

Which brings me to my point.  It’s times like these that you need a modest wine cellar.  Who wouldn’t want to tuck in to a nice tannic red wine on a blizzardy day?

PrimitivoI keep a couple of bottles in my basement just in case.  I’ve finished the last of my Y2K scare stock but I’m always ready for the next natural / unnatural / or other disaster. Tonight I drank Primitivo – Zinfandel’s inexpensive Italian cousin.


Bonus Reward Miles Offer
Earn 4 AIR MILES® reward miles Until Mar 2, 2013 – and get yourself out of this stupid weather * (I added that last bit)

LCBO Quick Pick list

If you are going to the LCBO – or “the Happy Store” as my friend DaniBP calls it – and you want to know what the wine blogger (me) is buying these days then I have something for you.

At the right of this blog page – just under the shameless self-promoting image of my face – is a link to the LCBO Quick Pick list category of my blog entries.  A click and a scroll down this category will give you some good ideas.  But don’t get used to it.  My brother-in-Spain doesn’t read this blog for the wine recommendations – in fact he gets mad at me for suggesting wines and not writing foolishness.

So this is for you Guitar Glen,  Rugby guy, and anyone else who doesn’t have the patience to read through my thoughts on Albert Einstein, J.Crew, gooseberries, and the dreamy David Beckham looking for  wine notes.

Back to the photo of me – isn’t shameless self-promoting what the word blog means?

My LCBO shopping list

Time to recommend some wine.  I seldom do that in this wine blog because I get easily distracted by other things – like how much money baseball players make each day, how to win the British Open, how to get a Shampoo endorsement, the story of me getting trapped in the internet,  and such and such.

 Here are the top  9 wines that I buy at my local wine store (LCBO in Ontario).  I like them and I keep buying them. For those of you not comfortable with only 9 wines and need a top 10 – well you need therapy but feel free to add your wine in the comments section below.

Sicily Nero D’Avola.  At $10 it’s a steal – a steal I say. Look for it in the Italian aisle isle  but it’s NOT Italian – it’s Sicilian and it’s delicious. It will remind you of sitting outdoors at a trattoria.


AUSTRALIA Yalumba Y Series Shiraz Viognier – a Shiraz with manly tannins that’s not afraid to cry at a romatic comedy.  $15

FRANCE La Vieille Ferme – they don’t make wines from “the Old Farm” like they used to – or do they?  Rustic and French. What more could an eonophile want? More Ferme, that’s what they want. $11


FRANCE Bouchard Pere & Fils Macon – Cru Beaujolais for $14 with a great taste of sour cherry. Mmm sour cherry.

SPAIN Hecula Monastrell from Yecla (that really is the name of the region). A great Monastrell at a great price $14. Proving Spain does more than Rioja. This is part of the Vintages Essentials collection which means that it is readily available.

SPAIN Red Guitar – a classic GSM Rhone style blend from Spain at $12. Spain claims to have invented the Guitar and Mouvedre (Monastrell). I believe them because I like them and besides, they won the World Cup so they can lay claim to inventing football for all I care.

Jackson Triggs Meritage – this is a winemakers wine and I think that in Niagara a winemaker that knows how to blend their grapes is priceless. This is a classic blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and is my favorite Ontario wine hands down – especially years where the Cab Franc is prominent like in 2007. $13.45

Niagara Strewn Two Vines Riesling-Gewürztraminer.  Spice, pear and apple! It’s not bone dry but the spicy and acidic and  delicious cold – and I got to say Gewürztraminer again. $12

ITA Mezzomondo Salento -the distinctive brown label looks like it was made on papyrus and hand-drawn by DaVinci. It is a simple wine that I can’t stop drinking (in a good way).  Rustic and delicious – what more could you want for under $9.