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Dear Wine Snob

This is an open letter to all wine snobs on the release of le Beaujolais Nouveau this week.

Dear Wine Snob,

I have the greatest admiration for you as a snob, and specifically as a wine snob. And so I know you will laugh at me when I declare that I am excited about the Beaujolais Nouveau release

I know why most “wine people” don’t really get into the Nouveau spirit of things.
• Beaujolais Nouveau is a very simple wine
• In fact it was only harvested 2 months ago
• It hasn’t been aged
• It hasn’t been blended with any other varietal – straight gamay
• In fact not much has been done to it at all except that the French have marketed the heck out of it – and they have done so brilliantly.
• Most of you refer to it as “wine Cool-Aid”.

Yes, I know it’s not a serious wine but I don’t care. I like it. It inspired me to start this wine blog in 2009.


In fact I would go so far as to declare myself a Nouveau snob. I’m unreasonably hesitant to try a Novello from Italy (although they are always delicious) and I don’t get as giddy about a syrah Primeur as I do with a true Nouveau made with gamay grapes.

Fresh, juicy, “new” French wine is just the thing to start the holidays for me.

So to all you wine snobs that think that the words “Beaujolais Nouveau” translate as “I can’t believe I paid $12 for that” – this is what I have to say to you…

I like my carbonic maceration.
I like my red wine chilled.
I like the hype – bring it on Georges Dubœuf with your clever little œ in the middle of your name.
I like Gamay.
I like drinking wine that you don’t swirl and sniff.
I like Chateau des Charmes in Niagara producing Seven Generation Gamay Nouveau, because Canadians demand a little locavore in our drinking.

So while you wine snobs will be “pooh-poohing” me on November 15th, I will be proudly buying a 6-pack of Nouveau and loving it.

Travis Oke
Self proclaimed Beaujolais Nouveau snob.

Break another rule

Apparently rule number one of wine blogging is to not blog about Beaujolais Nouveau.

My whole wine blog – pullthecork- began with Beaujolais Nouveau four years ago!

My best party of the year centres around Beaujolais Nouveau [with some friends and some food thrown in].

Wednesday night I may not sleep because of Thursday’s release of Nouveau [and the people at Chateau des Charmes just teased me today with a photo of their staff doing “quality control” with their Nouveau #jesuisarrive13 – not nice]!

My last blog post was about Beaujolais Nouveau.  Come to think of it, so is this one.

Beaujolais Nouveau has been called …

  • the bubble gum of wine
  • the cookie dough of wine
  • not real wine at all
  • and a marketing scam [I know a marketing scam when I see one. There’s a Slapchop somewhere in my basement]

… and I don’t even care.  300 blog posts and over 100,000 views later [oh, right, not supposed to talk about your own stats in a wine blog] I am still blogging about the blessed Nouveau.

On Thursday I will be probably be making up a tune to sing the lyrics “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” to – I really will.

Oh, and mentioning statistics – I wrote Beaujolais Nouveau 10 times already. Take that wine critics.


200 – Thanks

This is crazy that I’ve made over 200 blog posts. The average blog has the lifespan of a fruit fly – and maybe the same intelligence. I really only started the blog so that my brother-in-Spain had something to look up on the internet and laugh at. He still does. In fact he recently nominated me for the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

Perhaps my biggest accomplishment is that I’ve managed to write in references to  David Beckham, Jay-Z, Albert Einstein, Dante,  Don Cherry, Dana Carvey, AC/DC, Wolf Blitzer, John Wayne and James Bond, groundskeeper Willy, Freddy Mercury, Bugs Bunny, Speedy Gonzales, the classic camp song “Found a Peanut”, Al Gore (several times), Troy Polamalu, , Col. Robert Hogan, Oklahoma the musical, a Tim Burton painting,  Batman, Bernadette, Thomas Jefferson, Mario my olive vendor, and several references to my PE degree from York.

Thanks to Andrew who taught me how to use a computer and WordPress. Thanks to my wife – who approves all my posts – if she reads it and doesn’t laugh out loud then I rewrite it. Thanks to the Guelph Mercury who carries my blog on their web page. Also, thanks to my sister-in-law in Spain, I’ve started posting my blogs at 1 am (7 am her time) so that she can be the first to read them.  She’s ready to laugh as quickly as anyone.

I’m not sure when I might run out of things to write about. Clearly lots of things amuse me because clearly I amuse easily.

70,000 internet views can’t be from just relatives and that linktrap guy.