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You need a Weinfrischhalter Geschenkset

My new Weinfrischhalter Geschenskset is a dream and so easy to use. Just three simple steps – Weinverschulss  leicht in die Flasche drehen.  Pumpe auf Weinverschluss  aufsetzen  und die Luft aus der Flasche  pumpen  bis  deutlicher  Widerstand  spürbar  is. Maybe that’s four – but either way,  Bob’s your uncle, your wine is fresh and ready to drink another day.

The real advantage of a Weinfrischhalter   Geschenkset  is that you can open up two bottles tonight, taste and compare them, and  they are as good as new the next night.  The “wine suctiony thing”, as my brother-in-Spain calls it, creates a vacuum inside the bottle so that the wine isn’t exposed to the air which causes the wine to lose it’s character quickly.

$15 bucks and my wife and I can taste test two bottles of wine without either wasting two good half-bottles or getting a bad headache. Clever – and for the life of me I don’t know why I find  German words so amusing.