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#WineWorldCup2018 predictor

As the only wine blogger with a Physed degree*  i feel it’s my duty to comment on, and predict a winner for the FIFA World Cup tournament happening right now in Russia.

Many methods are used to predict sportsing ball winners.  Paul the Octopus, Achilles the deaf Oracle cat, and Flopsy the Kangaroo are just some of the animals used to predict a winner.   So I thought, rather than use animals, metrics or “algorithms” [whatever they are] to predict a winner, let’s look at the wine produced by each country to predict a winner.  Here’s my argument for each team that i think has a chance to win.

4th Place – Germany.  Their Fußball team takes a back seat to nobody. But the fear of mispronouncing “Gewürztraminer” (German: [ɡəˈvʏɐ̯tstʁaˈmiːnɐ]) sadly places them low on the #WineWorldCup2018 list.

3rd Place – Portugal. I don’t love Portuguese wines that aren’t Port, with the exception of  a Vinho Verde on a warm day – but Portugal’s best and most beautiful player, Ronaldo, is a teetotaler – so his team can’t really be taken seriously. But hey, if you’re the best looking man on the pitch with over 2 billion people watching did you really lose?

Runner Up – France. My favourite thing about the French soccer team is their kit [or jersey as we say this side of the pond] featuring le coq. My second favourite thing is rose wine from any French region.

Le coq

Paparazzi photo of me drinking Rosé in Provence

#WineWorldCup 2018 Winner – Spain. One word – “Muga”. I have a well documented love affair with this pink nectar, the love child of Dionysus and Ariadne. It’s certainly the most photogenic wine in the world. Take that Cristiano Ronaldo.

Paparazzi photo of Muga in my back yard

Wines to drink this summer …

Muga Rosé 2017 Spain

—VINTAGES#: 603795   |   750 mL bottle $14.95 Released June 9

La Vieille Ferme Rose France

—LCBO#: 622134   |   750 mL bottle $11.95

Alianca Vinho Verde Portugal

—LCBO#: 75663   |   750 mL bottle $9.35

Pierre Sparr Gewürztraminer

it’s actually from Alsace but close enough right, and hey, another vote for France

—LCBO#: 373373   |   750 mL bottle $17.95

*footnote re. being the only wine blogger with a PE degree [a fact that i can’t actually verify so can somebody please add me as a reliable source on Wikipedia]

World Cup Update – England aware of their faults

 To further support my theory that the countries with the best wines  will win their pools (World Cup Soccer – let your wine decide) – England is using an Italian as head coach!

Knowing the state of winemaking on the home front, England hired Fabio Capello to do their coaching. Appearantly the plan is that some of that good old Chianti would rub off on the lads. 

Consider that last World Cup England tried a Swedish coach. Ridiculous!  Sorry Sven-Göran  but the results speak for themselves.  Italy has great wines like Barolo and Amarone – Sweden, nothing but vodka. This theory of mine is clearly gaining momentum.

In similar news – I just had to repost this from the AP. Now I’m certain England beats USA on Saturday.

IRENE, South Africa (AP) — Bob Bradley sounds more like a student discussing a teacher than a coach talking about a rival when he speaks about Fabio Capello.

Speaking Wednesday, three days before the U.S. plays England in its World Cup opener, Bradley recalled taking his Princeton team to Italy in the 1990s when Capello coached AC Milan. Bradley has gotten to know Capello over the years.

“His quote to me, his coaching advice is always something along the lines of: `When you make wine, the grapes aren’t always the same,”‘ Bradley said. “And the first few times he said that to me, I thought he was actually talking about wine. But since then, I thought about it and I realized that he was trying to tell me a little something about football.”

Really Bob? Maybe you should have kept this one to yourself. I think he was trying to tell you a little something about football too.

World Cup Soccer – let your wine decide

The World Cup starts this week in S. Africa.  There is a good chance that I forget to blog about wine while watching the world play soccer.

The way I see it, winning a World Cup pool is easy if you have a Physed degree and are a Wine Consultant.  Using my modified Diane Chambers (Cheers) method of winning a pool – “A Bear could easily beat a Dolphin” – the country with the best Wine wins each pool. If necessary I will consider the actual strength of the country’s soccer team – but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Pool A winner France (easily) – nobody mentions the great wines from Mexico these days or as my sister-in-law says, “What idiot would choose Mexico”

Pool B winner Argentina – their Malbec and Barca star Lionel Messi make them the clear choice.  Also, the Greeks put pine pitch in their wine

Pool C winner USA – unless beer counts as wine and in that case England wins

Pool D winner Germany – yes the Aussie Shiraz is great but a nice Gewürztraminer [ɡəˈvʏɐtstʁaˈmiːnɐ] (helpful pronunciation guide) easily shifts the balance

Pool E winner Holland – okay nobody deserves this pool (Japan, Cameroon, Denmark) for their wine, but the Dutch are great drinkers

Pool F winner Italy – the Azzuri and Barolo easily beat out the crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.  Also, NZ is not very good at soccer

Pool G winner Portugal – I know Brazil is very good at soccer and supermodel Gisele  Bündchen is a great Brazilian export, but Vintage Port rules. Plus Portugese captain Ronaldo is good looking too

Pool H winner Spain – 3 reasons – I love Rioja, Spain did win the Euro 2008, and I’ve always been neutral towards Swiss wine – maybe that’s what they want.

Playoff winners to follow and it’s going to get even better.  Italy and Spain are slated to be quarterfinalists against each other. Rioja vs. Barolo, Ribera del Duero vs. Barbaresco, Sherry vs Grappa – that’s a game to analyze!