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2011 – Don’t worry about this one

Some of you will remember the fear mongering fire that I tried adding fuel to last year.  “Y2K – Time to Panic”.  Anyone with a basic understanding of computer programming (I just realized that those people probably aren’t reading a wine blog) will know that 2011 is just as binary as 2010.  So why not worry about the end of the world this year?  In a word – The Mayans.

The Mayans.  A civilization that predicted the end of the world in 2012 and ironically (and I use the word correctly) did not foresee the end of their own civilization. If that doesn’t scare you enough then consider Nostradamus – he also predicted the end of the world in 2012.  And you can’t spell Nostradamus without  “damn us”.

So how do we proceed knowing that 2011 will be by all accounts delightful?  Here’s my 3 step program to enjoying 2011.

1. Drink more Champagne – and if you can’t afford the real stuff a Cava, Cremant, or even American Sparkling wine will do.

Albert after drinking the same wine over and over

2. Drink different wines – as Albert Einstein said about wine “The definition of insanity is drinking the same wine over and over again and expecting a different result”.

3. Splurge on some highly recommended and expensive bottles this year.  If we’ve learned any fear mongering from the Mayans, 2011 may be your last chance.

Wine Resolutions 2010

Here are 5 Questions that will turn into Resolutions for Y210K.

1. “Why don’t I drink more white wine?” If you’re a serious wine drinker then you owe it to your palate to have a Sancerre, a Chablis, or an Ontario riesling wine once a month. I motivated myself to do this by purchasing a great vintage wine bucket from Chat Noir in downtown Guelph.

2. “Why don’t I drink more local wines?”  Why do you think the French drink french wines? It’s not simply their almost fanatical devotion to La République that keeps them drinking close to home. A wise man once said, “When in Provence, drink from Provence. When in Guelph, drink from Niagara”.

3. “How can I try new wines and not buy a whole bottle?”   First of all this is crazy talk – the obvious answer is the wine tasting at the Red Brick Café. But if you still insist on crazy talk then go to the LCBO and sign up for the Vintages tastings events at your local store.  You get to try new wines and the Vintages product consultants are a lot of fun.

4. “Why have I never tried a …”. You fill in the blank with words such as Barolo, Chateauneuf du Pape, vintage Champagne etc. Just don’t say Cheval Blanc unless you are prepared to drop $2000.

5. “How can I read more of this clever wine blogger?”.  Okay so maybe it’s only my close relatives that are asking this – actually they are probably tired of hearing me and reading me by now – but you can sign up to receive an email every time I post – it’s at the bottom of the blog page

Let me know how your resolutions work out.

Y210K – It’s time to Panic

It’s time to panic.   It seems to me that nobody has taken notice of the fact that the upcoming year of 2010 is actually more binary than the year 2000.   I’m concerned that everybody is ignoring this potential Armageddon.  Dust off your Y2K generator and fill up your basement shelter with canned goods and bottled water. Its Y210K people and it’s scary!

If I am right, and I’m pretty sure that I am, I need to get a small collection of wines to see me through this event.  This will hold me over until Al Gore gets everything fixed (did he really win a Nobel Prize or did I imagine that?).

Don’t just go out and get some wine – buy it by the case – buy it in a state of panic, it’s Y210K!  Actually, buy it by the half case so that you have more variety to drink during this crisis.

December’s release from Vintages has some great choices for a half case. 2007 was a great Niagara vintage and  Ontario makes a great Cabernet Franc so pick either …

Premium Red – Inniskillin’s 2007 Reserve Series Cabernet Franc and was rated 90 by Natalie MacLean. It would be great with or without canned food.

Value Red- Jackson-Triggs 2007 Proprietors’ Reserve Cabernet Franc / Cabernet Sauvignon (LCBO 560680 $12.95) is a great deal and a great wine.  I featured it at Red Brick Cafe in September to rave reviews.  That reminds me to put several bags of coffee in my bunker.

Also, both of these wineries are also located within a short distance of Guelph so I can bike there to get some more if I need to.

If the other person in your bunker likes white wine then I have a couple of choices from Chile…

Premium White – Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc (Vintages 135426 $15.95).

Value White – had the Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc on the LCBO list at a party last night and loved it. It is a little light but brave enough for times like this.

Times like these demand planning – don’t get caught without good wine for the end times.