Zin – give it props

“Zin-fandel, Zin-fandel” (sung to the tune of Edelweiss).  Now my wife is mad at me because she will have that song stuck in her head all day.  Probably because I will keep singing it all day – a trait I inherited from my Mother.

I am in America for March Break  (holy days for teachers) and I am committed to the great American grape – Zinfandel.  Of course not the white Zinfandel wine that your grandmother drank – this is serious yet relatively simple red wine.

In my opinion Zin is the American wine.  When I come to PA to visit my in-laws I always drink American and often drink Zin.  For my Italian readers, it has been recently discovered that Zinfandel and Primitivo are the same grape – discoveries like that make DNA decoding worthwhile don’t they? Also, it’s the same grape as the Croatian grape  Crljenak Kaštelansk, but seriously, when was the last time you asked for a “Crljenak” at a wine bar?

The style of Zin ranges from light Beaujolais to age-worthy Claret and in price from $6 (Barefoot Zinfandel) to $20 (Cardinal Zin).  My favorite in the LCBO is  Cline. Go out and get a bottle – help rid the world of white Zinfandel stereotypes and ask your favorite Croatian how to pronounce Crljenak for me.

LCBO 489278 | Price: $ 13.25
14.0% Alcohol/Vol.

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