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Guelph Wine Tasting

Guelph has a wine tasting venue again!  And we owe a debt of gratitude to the good taste of the folks at 39 Carden St. who put out some $$ and bought an Enomatic wine serving system [sounds very 60’s doesn’t it]. What does it mean? It means I can try an oz of Stags Leap Artemis for $4! I can also try Sequillo – a GSM blend from S.Africa for $2!

I’m telling you this is great news for wine lovers. Also, I ate steak tartare and it all counted as a date with my wife.





New Neighbours

We recently got new neighbours – often a “we’ll wait and see” event.  Our first chat with them was promising.  Younger than my wife and I [a more frequently recurring theme than I care to admit] they moved here from Vancouver.

“Traded the Hipsters in for the Hippies – and I think we won” was the line that won me over.

I had to agree with them. I prefer the neo-hippies of Guelph to the Hipsters anytime. My wife gently refers to the latter as the “Look at me – I’m ironic with geeky glasses,  tattoos, and outdated facial hair” kids.

What confirmed for me that the Hipster was in fact not hip at all was this article from the NY Daily News.  To summarize – it appears that Hipsters have made Pabst Blue Ribbon beer so popular that the price of cheap [not to mention flavourless and watery] beer everywhere has gone up and up.

I do have some advice for these people – not everything that people stopped doing from the past should be considered retro. Some things just need to never come back. Go buy yourself a micro-beer! And stop growing moustaches.

Thank you.


If you must drink water …

Yes I blog about water. There are times when nothing is more refreshing that a big glass of water.  For my tastes nothing beats San Pellegrino – the Italian, carbonated, mineral water that comes in a cool green bottle.


It cleanses the palate after my morning espresso.  Also, when I drink it I am thinking, “oh look at me so European and all that stuff”.

Yes it’s a tad expensive [usually $2 a bottle], but the fine people at Target were giving it away at $1 a bottle last week.  San Pellegrino flows like wine in my house these days. Stay thirsty my friends – or whatever their motto is.

Deja Vu [all over again]

I find the deja vu fun.  A little discombobulating at times – but certainly something to have fun with.

Like last week when I lined up at the LCBO.

My line was only 4 deep – and with modern scanning machinery I was certain to fly through the line. Except that I was behind 3 university boys who were definitely going to be ID’d before being allowed to buy alcohol.

Deja Vu – didn’t I already write about this once in 2011 –  Educate Our Youth?  What can we learn by analyzing what the University student of today is buying for “education purposes”.

Let’s look at the evidence.

Wow - good retro marketing here too

Wow – good retro marketing

Student #1  a 6 pack of Old Milwaukee in hand – guys, this is weak, not retro

Student #2 buying 4 Rock Star vodka tall boys – wha

Student #3 purchasing Pabst Blue Ribbon – apparently the choice of the Hipster [another fad I don’t get]

You know what – don’t ID them – enrol them in a mandatory education program. Like the ones where you have too many traffic demerit points and have to be taught how to properly drive.  I really wanted to pull all three over to the side – give them a ticket – and teach them that a 6 pack of any micro-brewery would enrich their lives much more than mass produced, watery “beer”.  The Rock Star Vodka kid?  Sometimes people just need to lose their priviledges.

PS – the beer advocate even has tasting notes on Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?