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Hoptorial – 3 for 1 deal

Two for the price of one.  Truly one of the great deals in the world. Perhaps only to be topped by the “gift with purchase”. I am one of those people who consciously allows myself to be taken in – suckered if you will – by a great marketing campaign and I love it when the product is equally as brilliant.

The craft beer industry has caught my attention again.  Fighting the urge to market themselves using slow motion cheerleaders or enormous horses playing football, the micro brewers carve out their own niche in a more personal way. Of course they do – they are real people. Often with wicked cool beards.

The latest to catch my attention is the Hoptorial pack from Muskoka Brewery.  Great beer, clever marketing, and a Hop tutorial – I love it when my 2 for 1 becomes a 3 for 1 and the “gift with purchase” is educational! The box is covered with facts about the beer, the hops, hops in general, and some general foolishness [my favourite kind of foolishness].


Available at both the LCBO and Beer Store you get 2 Detour, 2 Mad Tom, and 2 Twice as Mad bottles for $14. Delicious and educational.

Ha – I just looked up my Detour review about Albert Einstein and laughed – narcissistic perhaps – but anyone who writes a blog has a bit of that in them i think. Note to self – avoid seeing your reflection in a pool if you can.

The harvest

Autumn really is a food lover’s paradise. Consider this haul from the farmers market in Guelph last Saturday. Cornucopia indeed.


It’s also the best of times for Autumnal Ale from up North. Here are two of the best


Lake of Bays 10 Point is a nice, lightly hopped IPA – I love the pine aroma and the bite on the finish.



Muskoka’s Harvest Ale has been repackaged from the original orange label [in part because people thought that it was a pumpkin ale] but the recipe remains the same.

If you hurry you may also catch a keg of Mash ‘n Pumpkins on tap at OX. Pumpkin pie in a pint glass with notes of spice and molasses – delic.




Uncle Albert’s detour

Few things give me greater pleasure than mentioning Albert Einstein in my blog. Here goes …


Hey Uncle Albert – fish are stupid!


This got me to thinking about stupid beer.  If you are going to spend your whole life drinking cheap beer then you will live your whole life believing that it is good – and that you are a genius.  If, however, you want to really be a genius then you have to try new stuff – like Muskoka Brewery’s Detour IPA. This weekend I had it on tap at Baker Street Station in Guelph and found it again in a 6-pack at the LCBO.

I think “Stop drinking stupid beer” should be on the front of the Detour IPA t-shirt.  This is a big hop ale with a clean finish that is the perfect detour from winter beer drinking to clean, genius, spring beer drinking.  I think Uncle Albert would approve.


And I want a kick back on the “Stop drinking stupid beer” t-shirt sales.

Get your winter beard on

Men. Thinking that it’s time to get your Winterbeard on? This man stopped thinking a long time ago.

Ladies. Have you been thinking that your man should grow a Winterbeard?  Of course you have.

Men. Are you thinking about the best beer of your life? Muskoka Brewery’s Winterbeard?  A double chocolate cranberry stout –  made with roasted dark chocolate malts, real cocoa,  70%  chocolate, and freshly harvested cranberries – you bet this stout is good. And  just in time for manly beard season.  Manly yes, but she’ll like it too.


Thanks to international story-teller and local brother-in-law Brad for the inspiration [for this blog post not for Muskoka Brewery – however, I’m sure they agree that your beard is inspiring to us all].20131209-190939.jpg

When does Autumn begin?

Who knows when Autumn really starts?

A source from Columbia University tells me it’s at 4:44 pm on Saturday Sept 22nd when the sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south.

My man Jason at Muskoka Brewery tells me that it begins September 16th – the day they release Harvest Ale to the world.

So I guess it comes down to the reliability of your sources doesn’t it.

Who are you going to believe – Jason at Muskoka Brewery or this so-called Columbia University”? [Who ever heard of an “Ivy League” or a “celestial equator” for that matter?]

Harvest Logo 2

Harvest Ale is available in 750mL bottles and is available at the LCBO and The Beer Store starting September 16th – the first day of Autumn

Harvest Bottle

A Real Oddity

This wine blog is being distracted by beer at an alarming rate –  alarming to whom I’m not sure.

Legendary Bottle ShotThe Legendary Muskoka Oddity has been released upon us.  This Belgian style ale tastes like somebody started making Gin and then halfway through the brewmaster yelled “Stop the presses” and switched production to ale.  Muskoka Brewery says that they have “unearthed this season’s most distinct offerings” and it’s hard not to agree with them.  It’s hoppy to be sure but what makes it distinctive (in a gin sort of way) is the use of heather tips, juniper berries, and sweet orange peel shavings.

While I try not to be a sucker for a slick label  this falcon / peacock / scary antler deer thingy is so freakin’ cool. I can’t stop staring at it – like the Futurama Hypno-toad (stare below).

Legendary Muskoka Oddity is available at the LCBO – $9.95 for a 750 mL bottle. It’s sure to be a conversation piece at your next party and would make a great hostess gift – for the man who would rather shop for beer than buy flowers.


Can’t stop staring at the hypno-toad either

Double Dare Madness

My search for this year’s holiday beer and holiday beard is over.  The double-hoppiness of Muskoka Brewery’s Twice as Mad Tom Imperial IPA is just the ticket for winter sipping.  Featuring what I can only describe as deep spruce notes and a big bold flavour, fans of an IPA need to run to the LCBO and get them some of this.

The people at Muskoka Brewery tell me that Twice as Mad is aggressively dry double-hopped – I aggressively dry double-dare them to keep making this holiday nectar.

We paired it with a 6 yr old white cheddar from Maple Dale Cheese.  Something beautiful is going on pairing über-hops with sharp cheese. I hope the rest of the holidays taste this good.

Not to be lost in this good news of holiday cheer is Muskoka’s seasonal offering – Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout, aka “Winter Beard“.  Made with 70% dark chocolate, these clever people have made a slightly, but by no means, distractingly sweet stout. Also, this has fulfilled my need to grow my own winter beard – which my wife has declared “good news”.


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