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Wee Dram

Scotland be like …


Get Ye to a Cask Days

If you haven’t been to a cask beer festival then I implore you to do so soon. 

Casks of beer are often made in smaller batches so brewers can experiment and have some fun.  Combining different hops, roasts, fruit, the brewers than use some voodoo to make the ales, lagers, sours, and ciders.

Last week we attended the Welly Cask Fest at Wellington Brewery in Guelph.

It’s so much fun that even the cider got “bunny-eared” during  a photo.

My winners were 

  1. Wit the Hell – a Chardonnay barrel aged Witbier by TWB brewing coop in KW
  2. KY2-7 – a barrel aged American  sour with plums by Wellington
  3. Lucy’s Orange Beret – a hopped cider with oranges by Revel cider that tasted like a mimosa

My only mistake was the ghost pepper milk stout that had I finished it would have finished me. Still, what doesn’t kill you …wait, that almost killed me.

Find a cask days near you if you can. 

21 years ago

21 years ago some fine person started aging this rum for me. I think that was very thoughtful of them

So as not to offend I drank some
Also, it was delicious
Merry Christmas

Who drinks espresso?

I’ve been a coffee lover for 20 years now. In my quest for a personal vice I’ve become an espresso lover.
While visiting a Starbucks [conveniently tucked inside a Chapters bookstore] I noticed someone else indulging in his espresso habit.
Look closely.


Holy hot espresso Batman …


It’s Batman

This is not photo-shopped – the coffee cupping caped crusader apparently loves his latte!

Wine Rating Controversy

There is quite the controversy brewing over how professionals rate the wine that they drink?  The National Post recently published an article entitled “Vintage snobbery: Are wine critics fooling us into buying pricier bottles?

Which brings me to my own wine rating systems which reduce wine snobbery and elitism to a minimum.

  1.  “Mmm, yum” get used most often in my house closely followed by the
  2. “do we have another bottle of this?” method.
  3. I have also endorsed the coliseum method – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down
  4. And finally I have sadly used the “Plonk” rating for wines that deserve a quick death

Any rating system more complicated than these are really superfluous aren’t they?