Sangre de Toro – not superfluous

We had another Torres wine last night – Sangre de Toro which translates as “Blood of the Bull”.  It tasted better than that.  Made with both  Garnacha and Cariñena grapes it was  $7 here in the US of A. It’s $12 in Ontario but it’s a decent wine at that price too. The blend of these two grapes make for an easy drinking wine typical of Spanish wines that not made with Tempranillo.

What I really liked is their web page which is full of detailed information about the wines without the splashy superfluous stuff. Click for the Sangre de Toro webpage. I really wish that you could find out this much info about all the wines you buy.

What my tree-hugging, carbon footprint neutralizing,  Guelph neo-hippie friends will love is that Torres is committed to minimizing their negative effect on the environment.  “There’s no such thing as a good wine that does not respect nature” – Miguel Torres.

Okay, maybe the other reason I bought it was to get the cute little bull figurine that comes with the bottle. I’ve attached it to my key chain so that it can poke me in the thigh when I put them in my pocket.
LCBO 6585
Price: $ 11.95
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