No more vacuum – helloLCBO

Muumuu is also a great word with consecutive u’s in it. But more importantly – I have good news!  I have found the information that I previously thought was in a vacuum – which was becoming a black hole for a Beaujolais lover like me.

Next Thursday November 15th the LCBO will have the following wines available for the Beaujolais Nouveau release. I am going out on a limb and recommending based on past performance – results from the informal poll at my party will be forthcoming.

Here is the list – directly from a person at the LCBO who refuses to be identified by any other name than helloLCBO.

Duboeuf Gamay Nouveau – this is the one that I will purchase 6 bottles of right away, no questions asked as it will be amongst the most inexpensive and the juiciest of the Nouveau.
Novello Rosso Terre Di Chieti  – I won’t buy any of this since I’ve invited Italians to my party and they can’t resist rubbing it in the face of the Frenchies.
Jeanjean Syrah Primeur – made with Syrah, probably good but I am a Beaujolais purist (maybe the only one in the world and I don’t care if Carolyn is making fun of me).
Primeur Syrah Merlot  Pays D’Oc – this isn’t right, Merlot has no place at my Nouveau party.
Negrar Novello Del Veneto  – it’s always a good Italian version, however, still banking on my Italian friends to “represent”

The Fool Reif Estate Gamay Nouveau VQA – I will try it again, Guelph loves the local underdog – but last year’s was awful

Mommessin Beaujolais Nouveau – Oui

Chateau des Charmes Generation Seven Gamay Nouveau VQA – Okay, this sounds like a promising local – I love everything that Chateau des Charmes does!

And from the VINTAGES program – two classics that cost more but are totally worth every penny. Hello LCBO – bring it!

George Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau
 Joseph Drouhin Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau

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4 responses to “No more vacuum – helloLCBO

  • Brother in Spain

    Just talked to a friend in France who explained that “Beaujolais Nouveau” literally translates to mean, “I just paid 12 buck for THAT?!!”

    Sorry I’m missing the party,

  • Scammed again « Pull the cork

    […] out-scam us without getting involved) and two Ontario wines that have gotten into the game. See the full list […]

  • Mac Guy

    The wife and I went to Summerhill today to stock up can you friggin’ believe it, they didn’t have any of the Duboeuf Gamay. No they didn’t sell out, the LCBO just didn’t ship them anyway.

    The stupidity that runs rampant at the LCBO no longer astounds me but rather just pi$$e$ me off. Sipping the George Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau currently but I’m hard pressed to justify the extra coin for this over the Gamay. Just something about the Gamay for me I guess.

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